Deleting Your Gmail Account

You probably have great reasons for creating your Gmail account. When you create your Gmail account, you use it so you can receive and send emails. In addition, you can use it to access similar Google services, creating a kind of attachment to the account. Nonethless, you might find yourself in that situation wherein you may want to completely delete and remove your Gmail account totally. Doing this would mean you will no longer have any access to your Gmail messages and also access to other Gmail services like YouTube, Google Drive, and the like. You must then have a great reason to remove your account. Whatever the reason may be, you can just follow the steps described next to effortlessly delete your Gmail account.

(1) If you have already logged into your Gmail account or other related services of Google like Google Plus, YouTube, or Google Drive, make sure you completely sign out and that you are not signed in for other multiple accounts.

(2) Afterwards, sign back again to Gmail by using the account you wish to delete. Next, confirm that you are not signed in with other accounts by clicking your profile image or your email on the upper right portion.

(3) As soon as you find that you are only logged into that one account you want to delete, click the blue “My Account” button on the exact drop down menu. This will bring you to the account settings.

(4) On the tab, “Account preferences”, click the “Delete your account or services”.

(5) On the web page that shows up, click the “Delete Google account and data”. This ensures that you will completely delete everything.

(6) Afterwards, you will be asked to plug in your password once again to show that you are the account owner. Just plug in your password and click the “Sign in” hyperlink.

(7) As soon as you log in, you will be brought to a web page telling you what would happen if you delete this particular Gmail account. If you agree with these consequences, click the checkbox, stating that you are responsible for the charges related to transactions that are pending. You should also acknowledge that you would want to delete all the Google data and account permanently.

(8) Lastly, click the button, “DELETE ACCOUNT”.

So when should you actually completely delete your email account? First, if it is an email that you barely even open, then you should consider deleting it. This is probably your spare email account wherein you receive group emails, constant spam, subscriptions, etc. Second, you should consider deleting your email account if you feel it has been compromised. A hacker who has access to your account can wreck havoc, not just on your email, but for the online accounts connected to your email. Consider immediately deleting your email once you feel your account has been compromised. That is, once you have finished giving a different associated email for your other online accounts. Third, you might want to delete an email account if you just used it for a spur of the moment things. If this email address is negligible, just delete it, for goodness’ sake! Do not spend any more time on these additional emails you do not really need to open again. Fourth, delete an email account if this has been caught by spammers and they always send you these junk emails that you would rather not receive. Consider deleting it if all you receive are bogus emails from that Nigerian Prince.

Nevertheless, always think more than once if you are about to delete your email account. First, is it connected to any important account? Your online banking account? Your Facebook account? Your Twitter account? So before you delete, make sure to disconnect that email from those particular important accounts of yours. Next, is it an email account that some of your older friends use to email you? Although a lot of the emails you get right now probably comes in your newer email account, you probably have some older friends who know your first few email accounts. So try to keep those first for nostalgic purposes. Or, before you delete, let everyone know that you will do so, as to update everyone of your most up-to-date email. Third, is this email mentioned anywhere on the net? And we do not mean on an adult website. Meaning, is it a means for you to be contacted professionally? If it is, you might want to consider keeping this email address as it is a way for you to gain more business connections and of course, professional opportunities. No matter which you may want to go, always think twice before deleting!

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