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Gmail Sign In Tips

It is for certain that a lot of people face problems with creating their new account, logging into their Gmail account, or successfully signing in the email service of Gmail. This post was designed mainly to offer different kinds of Gmail step by step tutorials. This puts you in a position to open a Gmail account, sign into your Gmail account, and use all of its features in just a short period of time.

Other than mastering the basics, the objective of this post is to give you data and step by step instructions on how you can get the most from your Gmail account. This article will show you how to keep your account secure by utilizing a Two Step Authentication process. Moreover, we will show you how you can manage your emails better by utilizing the priority inbox of Gmail. Interestingly enough, you can also avoid receiving spam in your Gmail inbox by using trusted senders and spam filters.

Notes Before You Log In

Prior to signing in to, you have to make sure that you already created your account in Google. Read about how to make a Gmail account in the instance that you do not have one yet. Putting up a new inbox just takes a couple of minutes. You will need a username and of course a password so you can sign into Gmail. You have to memorize the password or put it somewhere safe. However, if you have to write the password down, you have to make sure that you store it in a safe and private place. Think of utilizing a service for password management like LastPass. If you still do not recall your password, read or research about how to possible recover the password of your Gmail account.

Logging Into

Signing into your Gmail account is just a matter of plugging in your username, your name, password, a password confirmation, birthday, a mobile phone number, and gender. You will then be prompted for your present email address as well as plug in the text that you find in the image. Google has made it convenient for everyone to just have a single account for all of their services. This includes both YouTube and Google Plus. As soon as your Gmail or Google account has been created, just signing up just needs a couple of steps.

gmail sign in

(1) Plug in on the address bar. On the upper right hand portion is a link to sign in that you would need to click on to bring you to the log in page of Gmail.

gmail login

(2) The sign in web page of Gmail will show along with your icon or what you use to personalize your account with Google. If you did not pick anything to personalize your account, an icon that is blank and generic will show up.

www gmail com

(3) Under the icon is the “Email” word and under it is a box that is empty. Click the box that is empty and plug in your user name, whatever it may be. Then click on the “Next” blue button.

gmail account

(4) Afterwards, you have to plug in the “Password” box. Enter your password inside the password box. The numbers and letters you plug in will only show as dots for purposes of security.

gmail sign up

(5) Click on the log in button or hit the Enter button. This will automatically open your Gmail account.

Troubleshooting Log In Problems

Gmail will move you to the web wherein there will be an error message that would let you know what the problem may be.

This can happen when you enter a password that is incorrect. This is a typical problem during logging into Gmail, particularly if the password is protected with dots whenever you input it. Ensure that you did not enable the caps lock key because your password is case sensitive. If this does not work, Gmail offers a lot of help alternatives so you can tackle and troubleshoot log in problems.

Logging Out Securely Of Gmail

If you are specifically utilizing a computer that does not belong to you, you have to guarantee that you log outside of Gmail after you are done with your email. This is significant to ensure that the next individual who would be using the computer would not access your Gmail account. Logging out of Gmail is quite straightforward and can be finished using the subsequent three steps.

(1) On your browser, go to wherein your inbox will open if you are still logged in. If you are redirected to the login web page you can cease there because you have already been logged out.

(2) You will see your profile picture on the top right portion of the screen. If you click this round profile picture, this will open a menu that is dropdown showing you a couple of options connected to managing your email account.

(3) On the very end of the web page, you will see a hyperlink that will let you log out of your Gmail account. As soon as you click on this logout hyperlink, you will be brought to the login page of Gmail. If you would like to gain access to your inbox in Gmail, you can then utilize your username and password so you can log in your account as indicated above.

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