Using Canned Responses In Gmail

Before we discuss canned responses in Gmail, let us first discuss what canned responses are. Canned responses are responses that have been predetermined answers to typical questions. For technical support, for example, canned responses to typically asked questions can be rapid and easy for both the technical advisor and especially for the customer.

Technical support systems that are based on in-text, the operator can include a canned response based on keystrokes or even from a menu that is drop down. This is the reverse of typing basically the same answer again and again and pasting it taken from another resource. Case in point, if a technical support team for an ISP’s support representative is tasked to explain how exactly to include in an email an attachment, instead of typing out all of the needed details, the support representative can instead pick a response from a menu that is drop down.

This gets inserted in the response. In this manner, the representative becomes more productive. Moreover, the user gets a more detailed and well thought out answer. There are some programs with built in functions that make way for canned responses. In addition, there are also software available in the market wherein canned responses can be inserted into other applications that are being used.

Nevertheless, canned responses can actually be a double edged sword, as they say. If there is pressured or sloppy support, people can just use canned responses haphazardly and as an easy fix when in reality they do not really solve the problem of the customer. Their response could actually be disconnected from the problem of the user.

So if you are utilizing your Gmail account for responding to many requests that are very similar, you may see that you send the same data over and over again to all kinds of emails. It is quite tension filled if you need to go to the folder, Sent messages in order to find an already sent message just to copy then paste it or forward it set for sending to another person’s email. However, if you are utilizing Gmail, Google, through its tools, has made it more convenient to set a canned response. This allows the user to send the exact message to all kinds of other emails using a more straightforward manner.

So you can access this wonderful feature, just follow the procedures described below.

(1) First, sign in to you Gmail account. Afterwards, click the icon, “Settings” near the upper right portion of the Gmail web page.

gmail auto reply

(2) From the drop down menu, which scrolls down, click the option, “Settings”.

gmail canned response

(3) From the “Settings” web page, click the tab, “Labs” from the menu that is horizontal above.

canned responses gmail

(4) On the text field of “Search for a lab”, type up “Canned Responses”. The “Canned Responses” section would appear above. In addition, you can also scroll to the web page below to find it. As soon as you have found it, click the radio button, “Enable”.

canned responses

(5) Click the button, “Save Changes”. You will then be directed to your main inbox. Click the button, “Compose” located at the upper left portion of the web page.

gmail email templates

(6) Type up an email message you need to use as a canned response.

(7) Click the icon, “More Options” that has the look of a triangle that has been inverted.

canned response

(8) From the menu, which shows up, point to the “Canned Responses” link by utilizing the mouse pointer. Another menu would show up. On this menu that shows up, click the hyperlink, “New Canned Response”.

gmail canned responses

(9) From the appearance of a window (pop up), plug in the preferred name of the canned response then click the “OK” hyperlink. Afterwards, you can choose to exit the window, “Compose”. Now the canned response is all set to go.

email templates for gmail

(10) To be able to start using the canned response, click the link, “Compose” like in step number 5 above. In addition, click the buttons “More Options” like in step number 7 above.

(11) From the menu, which shows up, find the link “Canned Responses” and go on top of it by utilizing your mouse pointer. Then click the canned response you made under the option, “Insert” from the menu, which shows around its left and the response would be included in the email message.

Besides speeding up the typical boilerplate answers to typical questions, canned responses from Gmail is a wonderful tool in managing many signatures in Gmail. For example, you might want to reserve your phone number for particular contacts but not including it in an email for other people. Or perhaps you are an independent freelancer and your title differs a lot depending on the situation or the message context of your email. Through this canned response, you can include preformatted text for whatever the situation may call for.

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