Using The Gmail Priority Inbox

If you are someone who gets a lot of email messages, it can get a bit confusing. Combining both unnecessary and significant messages can confuse your inbox, making it challenging for sorting out. Fortunately, Gmail can help you sort out your inbox to guarantee that significant messages are separately listed so as to give you the ability to go through them prior to checking out the other email messages. Significance that is placed on email messages is based on different activities as connected to the different kinds of email messages that you will get. This may be whether you respond to them, whether you read them, whether you email them a lot, and the like.

This also encompasses priority based on which ones are tabbed or starred. To utilize this feature, just go through this procedure:

(1) Sign in to your Gmail account. Hover the mouse pointer on your main inbox folder found on the left portion of the Gmail window. Click the inverted triangle that shows up on the right portion of the Inbox button.

The Gmail Priority Inbox

(2) For the drop down menu that shows up, click the Priority Inbox.

The Gmail Priority Inbox

(3) As soon as you click on the link, the inbox will be rearranged automatically, with a few of the most significant messages showing up on top, followed then by messages that are starred, and then all else below the email messages that are starred.

(4) You can collapse easily the headers. This means you can just open the emails that you would like to see any time. In order to collapse a category, click the inverted triangle found on the left of each header.

(5) There are times when you find out that some significant emails will be categorized under the Everything Else category. This should not be the case. In order to train having a Priority Inbox, just use the tabs and stars located on the left side of each email subject.

(6) You can customize this Priority Inbox furthermore. Each header will have an inverted triangle on the rightmost portion. This is where you can click for more options on customization.

(7) If you have a feeling that the Priority Inbox is not for you, you can conveniently go back to your default inbox through clicking the icon, settings found on the upper right portion and choose Settings from the drop down menu that shows up.

The Gmail Priority Inbox

(8) From the Settings web page, click the tab, Inbox on the horizontal menu found on the upper area. The Gmail Priority Inbox

(9) On the webpage that shows up below Inbox Type, choose the options menu from the right and pick Default. Afterwards, scroll down the bottom of the webpage and click Save Changes.

The Gmail Priority Inbox

To really make your Gmail Priority Inbox work for you, just go about your Gmail email normally. First and foremost, Priority Inbox learns through watching how you work with Gmail. If you constantly read certain messages from particular senders, it will learn to mark as important. In addition, if you often reply to emails from these senders, it will know even better. On the flipside, if you delete emails and not read it, it will figure out that those are not important. Hence, the very last thing you should do is to go through your email normally. You have to give the Priority Inbox some time to learn from your actions and allow it a small push by using what was previously mentioned. With just a little patience, you will find out soon that it will filter your email at a great way, without any extra work on your end.

You also have to learn how to mark your messages as important or as not important. Even before watching your behavior, Gmail already does some guesswork whenever they mark your emails as important. If Gmail makes a mistake, simply click the small yellow tag. This will toggle the importance of an email. You can also utilize the + or – keys from your keyboard if you love using keyboard shortcuts.

Do not worry at the start. Moreover, as you read your email messages more, the more Gmail Priority Inbox will learn. Through time, you will rarely even have to mark your messages manually as unimportant or important anymore. You just need to do this at the start.

Finally, if you are thinking why Gmail marked an email as important, simply hover the mouse over the small yellow tag and they will tell you why. The typical reason is because of the people involved in the conversation or because you typically read emails with the label, and the like. Nevertheless, this can offer you an insight into what is the workings on of Gmail in terms of the Priority Inbox and what you might need to accomplish to fix it, if need be.

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