Haryana Udhyam Memorandum (H.U.M) Portal – Enterprise Registration & Login for UID at harudhyam.edisha.gov.in Eligibility Criteria, Documents, List

 The state government of Haryana has launched a portal for the micro, small, medium and large enterprises of the state. The portal is called Haryana Udhyam Memorandum Portal. The companies can register on the portal, and that will bring all the industries on a single platform. The initiative will give unique identification to all the business emprises. There will be data base where all the details of the people associated with the emprises will be recorded. The article is going to talk about the details of the portal.


Name of the portalHaryana Udhyam Memorandum
Launched byThe state government of Haryana
Launched inHaryana
Date of launchJune 2020
Target beneficiarymicro, small, medium and large enterprises
Official websitehttp://harudhyam.edisha.gov.in/

Key features of the portal

  • Uniqueness- The portal is unique in its own way and this is the reason it will bring all types of business under one umbrella.
  • Joint initiative- It is a joint initiative of Industries & Commerce department, Citizen Resource Information Department, and Labour department.
  • Employee details– The portal will have all the employees’ details and that will help the government to track the migrant labors, and also avoid labor problems.
  • Unique ID– The registered company will get unique ID that will help them in better planning support in future.

Eligibility criteria

  • Enterprises of Haryana- The portal is only for the enterprises based in Haryana.

Required documents

  • Address proof– As the portal is for the enterprises based in the state so you need to provide address proof.
  • Authorization proof– In order to apply you need to provide all the legal documents authorized by the government including license, and the category of your business.

Enterprise User Registration Form

  • Visiting the website– You need to visit the website to start the registration process.
  • Sign up- Once you visit the site you will redirected to the home page where you will get sign up option. Then you need to click on the ‘Create Enterprise Level User Sign Up’.
  • Selecting options– After that you need to select the user type, and then you need to enter all the necessary information like user name, Aadhar number, mobile number, email id, and then you need to click on ‘save and continue’.
  • OTP generation– An OTP will be sent to your number and you need to enter the OTP.
  • Filling in form- Then you need to fill in the application form to complete the process.

Unique H.U.M Number (ID) to Industries

The portal is launched create a database for the industries that are run from Haryana. The database will have all the information related to the employees that will help the government to design welfare policies for the labors.

Integration with HEPC & Labour Dept. Portal

The portal will be integrated with Haryana Enterprises Promotion Centre and Laborers Department for the better facilities.

Access to Saksham Yuva Portal to Registered Enterprises

The companies that are register to the H.UM. will get to access to Saksham Yuva Portal. It will help the companies to hire employees. Apart from that, the youths of the state will get a good opportunity of employment. SMS will be sent to the 50,000 employees of the state during the pandemic.

Helpline Number/ E-Mail ID / References

In order to learn about the portal you can call at 1800-200-0023. Or you can email at [email protected].

It is needless to say that the portal is the best thing for the enterprises based in Haryana. The people who are associated with the business will get more facilities from the government. And not only that they will stay secured in future.

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