Kishori Suraksha Yojana In Uttar Pradesh Improved Hygiene for School Going Girls

A massive part of India is still developing, rather under developed in many ways. Looking at the current scenario the Uttar Pradesh state government has started a new scheme for school going girls namely Kishori Suraksha Yojana under which sanitary napkins will be provided to the young school going girls.  

Kishori Suraksha Yojana Uttar Pradesh

NameKishori Suraksha Yojana
Announced DateJune 2015
Launched DateJuly 2015
Supervised ByUP Gov and UNICEF
Target AudienceFemale Group

Key features Of Kishori Suraksha Yojana

  • Mid of the year 2015, the UP government has reported that among 28 Lac female school students miss their classes/schools during their periods every month. Among them nearly 19 Lac students were reported had left studies. To stop this irregularity UP state government has started this scheme.
  • Under this scheme female students will get sanitary napkins from the state government so that they can be clean during those 5 days. Hence they can attend their schools regularly.
  • According to the state ministry, each girl will get one packet contains 10 sanitary napkins every month. Dr. Aruna Narine, GM of ARSH stated that massive rural population still use bundle of grass covered by a piece of cloths or a pack of ashes during their cycle. This is neither hygienic nor safe for any girl.

Eligibility Criteria Under the Kishori Suraksha Yojana

  • Female students who are aged from 11 years to 18 years will be benefitted under this scheme. From 6th standard to 12th standard’s girls from government schools .
  • It has also been mentioned that girls who belong to lower income group and are living in remote rural areas will get extra benefit under the same scheme.

Other facilities to be provided under the scheme

  • As mentioned that a major part of the nation is still living on the basis of some myths, there are many beliefs that girls, during their menstruation cannot go out, visit temple, go to any public places like fair, cannot go to the kitchen and even have to stay away from men of the houses.
  • To get rid of such myths the scheme will conduct workshops for the school teachers and staff members. This will help the teachers to make their students and their respective families about the true facts regarding menstruation.
  • These workshops will be given in district level schools so that the girl students from rural areas can understand the scientific meaning of menstruation rather than having superstition about the same.
  • This scheme will also bring up the employment opportunities for many. A rural organisation namely ‘Disha’ will be producing sanitary napkins to give away them for free of cost to the students.

A major part of the rural India is still living on the basis of myths and beliefs than the actual facts. One of them is menstruation. When a girl child has her periods, most of the families make them stay at home. Hence they miss their schools and education. In some cases it has been seen that girls stop studying, meeting friends and so on during those 5 days. The main reason behind this is lack of hygiene.

Kishori Suraksha Scheme is not only launched to give away sanitary napkins during the menstruation to the girls school students, but it also helps to reduce school dropouts and early marriages across the rural areas in the state of Uttar Pradesh.


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