Palna Scheme And Nai Zindagi Scheme In Uttarakhand

In Uttarakhand, the rate of abandoned infant is quite high. Frequently newborn babies are found in garbage, road or in orphanages. Mostly the girl children are found to be abandoned more often. According to some reports, in many remote rural areas parents kill their girl infants / Newborns because they don’t want girl child in family. Looking at such devastating situation the Chief Minister of Uttarakhand has started a scheme namely Palna Scheme .

NamePalna Scheme In Uttarakhand
Launched Date4th of October in the year 2015
Launched ByHarish Rawat, CM of Uttarakhand
Managed ByNari Niketan and Kedarpuram’s Rajkiya Balika Niketan
Target Audience New Born Girl Child

Key Features For Palna Scheme In Uttarakhand

  1. Palna Scheme has been launched to facilitate the abandoned infants across the states. If any official or inhabitant finds abandoned babies they can hand them over to state government authorities under the scheme.
  2. The babies will be raised like other kids in the state under the Palna Scheme. Proper life, education and other amenities will be provided to the baby. It will be kept in proper guidance.
  3. The babies who will be living under the scheme will be called the daughters of Uttarakhand. According to Rawat, they will not have any particular parents but they will be called daughter of the state.
  4. During the launch, Rawat put a cradle in front of the rajkiya Balika Niketan. According to him those parents who don’t want to have their babies can leave the babies in this cradle. The cradle has a bell attached to it.
  5. With placing the cradle in front of Niketan, Rawat indicated that instead of killing the toddlers or leaving them in the garbage, parents can leave their babies here in the cradle for their better future. In this way no babies will lose their life especially girl children.

Nai Zindagi Scheme has also been announced in the same occasion  

Along with Palna Scheme, Shree Harish Rawat has made an announcement about another scheme that is Nai Zindagi Scheme.

NameNai Zindagi Scheme In Uttarakhand
Launched Date4th Oct 2015
Launched ByHarish Rawat, CM of Uttarakhand
Managed ByNari Niketan and Kedarpuram’s Rajkiya Balika Niketan
Target Audience Mentally  challenged Female Group

 Key Features Of the Nai Zindagi

  1. Speaking about the Nai Jindagi scheme, the CM said that the mentally challenged women and girls in Uttarakhand do have certain skills and the government wants to make sure that those untapped skills are harnessed in the right way.
  2. Citing an example, he said, production of dhoopbati or incense sticks using waste flowers is one of the many products these women and girls are capable of once they are properly trained. These incense sticks are bio-friendly and can actually generate revenues when sold through proper channels.
  3. The CM said that whatever amount of revenue is earned by selling products produced by the mentally challenged women and girls will be matched by government funding and the whole amount will then be used for the welfare activities of these women and girls.

Both the schemes are launched to save girl child in Uttarakhand. There are many places where girls are considered as curse. Parents do not think twice before killing or throwing them out after they born. These schemes will help to increase girl population and also the girls can contribute in National Income and Human Resource as well.

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