Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme by Tamil Nadu Government

The Amma Baby Care Kit Yojana is to be implemented in the state of Tamil Nadu. Under the scheme, all new mothers who have given birth in the government hospitals or health care centers will be provided with a kit that will contain necessary baby care products.


Amma Baby Care Kit Yojana Tamil Nadu Quick View

1 Announced Date 2014
2 Launch Date 2015
3 Launched By CM Jayalalithaa
4 Officially Implementation Date September 2015
5 Directly monitored by State Women and Child Health Care Department.
6 Genre Of The Scheme Health Care
7 Beneficiar New Mothers

Key features Of Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme

All women who are interested in acquiring the benefits of the Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme must have a look at the salient features of the program. The following are some of the points that will assist you in understanding the program better:

  1. Only for the mothers of Tamil Nadu – The program is exclusively for the new mothers and children born in the state of Tamil Nadu. For attaining the benefits of the scheme, the mothers will need to be residents of the state.
  2. Government hospital or health care centers – The benefits of the scheme are only available to the mothers who give birth to their children in the government hospitals or in the health centers that are run or aided by the government.
  3. Kit for the mother and the child – As the name suggests, the scheme will give a kit to the mother just after they have delivered the child. The kit will contain items that will assist the mother in taking better care of the hygiene of the baby.
  4. The price of the kit – The kit for the mother and the child has a total of 16 items and the total price of the entire item is around Rs. 1000. But as per the draft, the new mothers will be given the kit free of cost.

Items Provided In Kit Under Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme

As it has been mentioned, the kit for the new mother and the child has a total of 16 items in it. Most of these products are meant for the hygiene and safe-keeping of the child but there is one product that is meant for the mother.  The kit will provide the mother with locally manufactured medicine. Apart from this, the kit will also provide the new mother with baby soap in a box, bed, towel, napkin, mosquito net, bottle containing 100 ml oil for the baby’s massage. It also has a bottle containing 60 ml shampoo, nail clippers, doll for the entertainment of the baby and hand sanitizers for the overall maintenance of hygiene.

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Budget Declared By Government For Amma Baby Care Kit Scheme

As it has been announced by the state government, it has allotted a total of Rs 67 crore for the successful implementation of the project. For now, the implementation was started with five new mothers but the state government has plans of spreading the boundaries.

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