Here is How You can Download and Play Pokémon Go APK in India

Pokémon Go game has taken the world by a storm. Before the launch, there was quite a buzz about it but who would have thought that it will become such a massive success. The moment you open your social media account, there is always something about this game from some corner of the world. The game is now available to the users in more than 30 countries.

Unfortunately, it is not available in India yet. Not even the tentative dates have been declared. Therefore, it cannot be said with certainty when the game will be available in India. But do not lose heart as there is some good news for you.

Play Pokémon Go APK in India

First of all, it is being speculated that the game will be officially available in the stores in India soon. Second of all, even while it is not available, there is a workaround to download and play this game using the APK files. Some problems had been reported earlier that the games installed using APK files were not working due to the server error. However, this issue seems to have been taken care of by Niantic, the developers of this game.

This workaround is applicable only to the Android users. It is extremely easy and you are ready to install and play the game in a matter of minutes. So, follow this guide and get ready to step out of your home to hunt the Pokémon.

System Requirements for Pokémon Go in India

  • There are some basic system-requirements that will make the game run on your Android smartphone or any other handheld device using Android OS platform. First of all, you need a minimum version of the Android Firmware. Here is the list of all the versions that support Pokémon Go:
  • Kitkat 4.4 to Kitkat 4.4.4
  • Lollipop 5.0 and above
  • Marshmallow 6.0 and above
  • Remember the APK file is nearly 60MB. Therefore, you will require a good internet connection to download the file quickly. Even if you take the file offline from a friend, you will need good internet connection to make it run. 3G mobile internet is the minimum requirement but for optimal performance you may want to upgrade to 4G. Also, it works brilliantly in the Wi-Fi network but as this game requires you to play out of your home, you cannot always expect the Wi-Fi internet to be available on the streets.
  • Also, this is a location based game. This means that it requires uninterrupted connection to GPS. Therefore, your phone must have the GPS connection and location based services. Thankfully, most of the smartphones today, even the cheapest ones, are GPS capable. So, you should be good there.
  • Pokémon does not go on the devices running on the Intel based processors of CPU.
  • If your Android smartphone has any of the above operating system versions you will be able to easily download the APK file, install the game and play it. It works with all the top brands in India including Xiomi, Samsung, LG, Oppo, Lava, Micromax, and more

No Need to Search Google Playstore Yet for Pokémon Go in India

As already mentioned, the game is not officially available in India yet. Therefore, no matter how many times you search the Google Playstore you will not be able to find it there. The only option for you as of now is to find the APK file which is nearly 60MB of size, download it from the trusted source, and enjoy the game. Thankfully, Niantic has not blocked the users who have installed Pokémon Go using the APK file.

How to get the Pokemon Go APK file on your Android Phone in India

The APK file is now available easily on lots of websites these days. However, the most important thing is to make sure that you download only from the trusted source. The file size is actually 58.1 MB and many internet evils are have uploaded the virus laden files of the same size. They are able to pass it off as the original APK file. But there is no need to get alarmed. As long as you are downloading from a trusted source you are safe. After all, millions of Indians have already downloaded the game on their Android devices. Here is one link you can trust for original APK file:

Installation Process for Pokémon Go in India

  • The installation process is rather simple. Download the file from the above link and locate it in the file folder of the phone
  • Tap the file to run it
  • Remember that Android, by default blocks APK file installation for security purposes. You may need to go to settings and allow the installations from the ‘Unknown Sources.’

That is all! You are ready to play the game on your Android Device.

Pokémon Go for iPhone and iOS users in India

The workaround is a little different for the iPhones and other devices using iOS. APK file installation does not work with iOS. Here is how you can do it:

  • Go to Apple Store and sign out from your current Apple ID which was created with the Indian address
  • Now you will need to create a new Apple ID, but this time choose the address of one of the countries where the game is officially available.
  • Once the ID has been created, go to Apple store and download the Pokémon Go game.
  • You are all set to play the game.

When the game is officially available in India, you can sign in with the Indian Apple ID and download the game again. Do not worry you will not lose your game progress. Since you need to sign in with your personal email ID to play the game, you can do that again. Everything will be restored as everything is saved on the cloud.

Precautions for Pokémon Go in India

  • While it is a wonderful game to play, make sure that you do not lose the focus from the surroundings or it may cause accidents and injuries
  • The game drains out the battery pretty fast. So, it is best to keep a spare battery and also a charger in case you mean to play it for a long time

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