I Sparsh Yojana in UP

UP government is leaving almost no stone unturned to develop the state in every possible way. After introducing a number of schemes for the youth such as free Smartphone and Laptop, now the state government has taken another step towards digitization. Recently the government announced another scheme called I Sparsh Yojana in UP. Under this scheme 8 villages will be selected in Gorakhpur which will be developed to Smart Villages by implementing multiple Technological systems.

I Sparsh Yojana UP

What is I Sparsh?

“I SPARSH” name is taken on the basis of the systems and plans the state government has made to develop the villages. The full form of the word I SPARSH is as follows:

  • I stand for Income Enhancement, IT solutions, Inclusive Growth.
  • S stands for Social Cohesion, Simple Solution, Skill Development.
  • P stands for People, Participation, Panchayet Raj
  • A stands for Agriculture (Precise and Smart), Allied Activities, Adaption
  • R stands for Recycle, Resilience, Responsive Governance
  • S stands for Sanitation, Security, Safety
  • H stands for Housing, Hygiene, Health

All these are the point of concentration that the state government has considered to implement under the scheme. All these sections will be taken into consideration while implementing the scheme in Gorakhpur Villages.

Key Features of the Scheme

  • This is a scheme by state government of Uttar Pradesh. Under the scheme 8 villages in Gorakhpur will be developed to Smart villages.
  • Under this scheme government will provide new technological system to develop the agricultural sector and the other sectors of the concerning villages.
  • There will be new technology in schools, especially water ATM and R.O. water machines will be established in all the schools in these 8 villages.
  • Under this scheme the government will provide solar lamps, solar water machines and other elements to the students to encourage them for the study.
  • Government has also declared that students or youth who are handicapped will be given artificial body parts and instruments so that they can live a normal life.
  • Apart from all these facilities government will also plant trees in these villages for environment upgrade.

Objective of the Scheme

  • This scheme is a vital step by the UP state government towards the digital India. The main objective of the scheme is to develop these villages and the standard of living of the rural people through various technologies.
  • Another objective of the scheme is to make people aware of the technologies that we need in modern economy, especially in agricultural sectors.
  • Under this scheme government will provide employment training to the youth of the state so that they can be aware of employment opportunities. Also they will be providing training to use such technology.
  • The scheme will encourage the art and tourism as well. These villages have many tourist spots that are destroyed due to poor maintenance. Now with this scheme the tourism of these villages will be developed to encourage the tourism business in these places.

Time and Budget

The scheme has initiated for next 1 year. The state government has set a target of covering 8 villages within next 12 months. The total budget for the project has been sanctioned is Rs. 300 Cr for the next one year.


This Yojana is an initiative that the government has taken to encourage the Digital India. In recent times when the entire nation is going cashless through digitization the UP government is also taking steps to make things easier for the people across the state. They are targeting rural people more than urban as they need more assistance than the urban or semi-urban areas.

Quick Glance

Scheme nameI Sparsh Yojana
StateUttar Pradesh
Implemented byState government
AimTo enhance life of rural people
Time span1 year
Funds300 Cr.

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