GRAVIT Yojana in Haryana 

Haryana state has been in the lime of light by launching several beneficial schemes and plans to its state people in recent times. One of the notable yojana which launched by the state CM Mr. Lal Khattar is GRAVIT Program and Shikshit Se Saksham Ki Ore Yojana by which the state government ready to offer help for the needed people of the state.

GRAVIT Yojana in Haryana

In fact, in order to make the program GRAVIT to be a successful one, the state government appointed around 60 thousands volunteers with the aim of offering maximum amount of benefits to the state people.

Unemployment in Haryana

Unemployment is getting worse in Haryana. Only a very few get jobs through registering in employment exchanges. The jobs obtained through employment exchange are also of low profile. Unemployment is also one of the factors at the back for Jat’s protest.

Bridging Gap between Vacancies and resources

Every state in India offers various schemes to increase the literacy rate of the country. However, very few schemes are available to increase the employment scenario of the country. It is impossible for the government to provide job to each and every individual. Human resources are available in plenty in India. The country’s growth relies heavily on the utilization of it. In order to lower unemployment, the Haryana government has started a new scheme called GRAVIT Yojana to help the youth of the state.

Gramin Vikas Ke Liye Tarun (GRAVIT)

  • By utilizing around sixty thousand volunteers from villages, the Haryana government with the help of educated sixty thousand Panchayat Raj Institution (PRI) representatives under GRAVIT Yojana has planned to improve the condition of the people especially in the villages.
  • Started in 2015, the Government is planning to tap the precious and strong energy of the youth for building the nation and utilizing them in a proper direction. It aims to make the youngsters as an inspiration for others to contribute to the growth of the society.
  • This scheme is similar to the centre’s Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana which also tries to improve the skills of youngsters for their betterment and growth.

Highlights of the scheme

  • Volunteers are mainly chosen from poor backgrounds to provide training for them. It makes them self-dependent and helps to improve their lifestyle. It will reduce the BPL percentage to some extent.
  • The volunteers will undergo a free of cost certificate course training program for duration of three months with the representatives of PRI. The trained volunteers will gain confidence to start a micro business setup.

Other schemes to tackle unemployment in Haryana

  • Unemployed handicapped persons are provided a monthly pension depending upon their education for a period of six years from the date of registration in employment exchange.
  • Unemployed postgraduate students are paid 9000 rupees in exchange of hundred hours of work under Saksham Yojna. In future, it is planned to extend this scheme to graduates. The youth registered under this scheme will be intimated about the available vacancies through SMS.
  • The Government has started skill development programme which aims to provide skill development to students who are dropout schoolings, women, students and workers in informal sectors. The trainee is allowed to choose the skill he/she wants to learn.
  • For unemployed people in the age group between 21 and 35, the government is offering unemployment allowance under new berojgari bhatta scheme. The allowance amount depends on the educational qualification of the individual.
  • For women with annual income less than one lakh per annum, the government provides loan for one lakh rupees with a subsidy of five thousand rupees.

Vocational education at school level

The government can add vocational education to students from secondary school level to make them employable. If it is done so, additional schemes to develop the skills of youth will not be needed at a larger scale.

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