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With the coming season for IPL (Indian Premier League) , Mumbai Indians-the Defending champions are expected to take over the ever challenging Chennai Super Kings. As per the past updates collected from 2017 IPL, CSK (Chennai Super Kings) are also two time IPL winners and a very strong team. The game is expected to be one of the best opening events for the coming IPL 2018 season sponsored by VIVO.

IPL 10 Mumbai Indians (MI)

IPL 2020 Mumbai Indians Players Auction Details

NameRoleSold PrizeCountry
Krunal PandyaAll rounder8,80,00,000India
Ishan KishanWicket Keeper6,20,00,000India
Kieron PollardAll Rounder5,40,00,000West Indies
Pat CuimmnsBowler5,40,00,000Australia
Evin LewisBatsman3,80,00,000West Indies
Surya Kumar YadavBatsman3,20,00,000India
Ben CuttingAll Rounder2,20,00,000Australia
Mustafizur RahmanBowler2,20,00,000Bangladesh
Rahul BhaharBowler1,90,00,000India
Pradeep SangwanBowler1,50,00,000India
Jason BehrendroffBowler1,50,00,000Australia
JP DuminyAll Rounder1,00,00,000South Africa
Saurabh TiwaryBatsman80,00,000India
Tajender DhillonAll Rounder55,00,000India
Akila DhananjayaBowler50,00,000Sri Lanka
Aditya TareWicket Keeper20,00,000India
Siddhesh LadBatsman20,00,000India
Mayank MarkandeBowler20,00,000India
Sharad LumbaBatsman20,00,000India
Anukul RoyAll Rounder20,00,000India
Mohsin KhanBowler20,00,000Pakistan
MD NidheeshBowler20,00,000India

History 2017

  • When playing the mach against Delhi Daredevils Mumbai Indians won by 14 run. Against Gujarat Lions they won the match by 6 wickets. Against team Punjab Mumbai Indian had to loose by 7 runs.
  • Against team KKR Mumbai Indians won the match by 4 wickets in 2017 IPL. They lost a match against Rising Pune superstar team by 3 runs only while playing against Royal challengers Bangalore they won by 5 wicket. When playing against Sunrisers Hyderabad team they won by 4 wickets in 2017 series.

History of the Mumbai Indians in IPL:

Even though there are a number of teams and players are there in IPL, that one team which is always in the middle of audience support is Mumbai Indians. Cricketing fans popularly call them as MI. This MI is the official team of Mumbai, which is one of the largest cities in India with crazy fans for cricket. There are a number of features to feel proud of being a fan of Mumbai Indians, but one main reason why many neutral fans of cricket are supporting Mumbai Indians is because of the greatest inspiration of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar.

At the time when Sachin was playing for Mumbai Indians team, he was able to drive more audience base towards his team and gave a big stardom and center of attraction to team Mumbai Indians.

Owners of Mumbai Indians

Besides the Indian cricket icon Sachin, another important reason why Mumbai Indians are popular is because of the franchise owner of Mumbai Indians, which are Reliance industries. The Reliance group of industries led by multi millionaire Mukesh Ambani also deserves equal importance among media in every match he watches in person.

Captaincy of Mumbai Indians:

From the time when IPL series is being conducted, Sachin is the star player for the team and he is also captain for the team in the starting das. During initial days, Mumbai Indians have suffered a number of defeats and there is always a crisis in the captaincy where Sachin stepped out of captaincy and international players like Ponting were given captaincy in the middle. After a series of changes in captaincy, the Rohit Sharma became the most successful and favorite captain for Mumbai Indians.

Stunning captaincy of Rohit Sharma:

Since Rohit became captain of Mumbai Indians, the team has seen tremendous progress in all variants of IPL. The first run of victory for the domestic series of IPL came under captaincy of Rohit where they bravely defended against Rajasthan royals who were the strongest team during the IPL season of 2013. This became the first victory chapter for the team which was once facing a lot of criticism among fans.

The second honor for team Mumbai Indians came during the IPL 2015 season wherein they won the title in an excellent manner and they were now one of the favorites for winning IPL series. There are many changes being made in the team for the upcoming season where many international players with more experience in the short format of cricket are being selected. Also team selectors have given equal importance to young players both from India and all over the world and given right spots for them in the squad.

The Home ground of Mumbai Indians:

Whenever people in India hear the word cricket, the first ground that will come into minds of people will be the Wankhede Stadium at Mumbai. Since this is located in the franchise city of Mumbai Indians, it is very obvious that it is the nerve center for them. Since Wankhede Stadium is one of the stadiums in India with enormous seating capacity, each and every match which is being played by Mumbai Indians in the stadium will attract huge audience support wherein people from different states of India also visit Wankhede Stadium to support Mumbai Indians.

Powerful MI Theme Song:

One of the most important reasons for motivation of Mumbai Indian players is the powerful theme song of the team. Whenever players of Mumbai Indians are hitting big sixes or hitting wickets, they will be received in an excellent manner by the mass of crowd, no matter in whatever stadium they are playing in India. At the time when the theme song was introduced for Mumbai Indians, it is being popularized by leading bollywood actors and it has now reached its popularity by its own without support or influence of any one.

MI Team Jersey:

Starting from the first season where Mumbai Indians are playing, they have not yet changed the color of their jersey. Blue is the first choice of color for Mumbai Indian players which are being proposed by the franchise of the team. Since then, it is the only color being followed by Mumbai Indians as the franchise has not changed till the time they have been in the IPL. There are only some minor changes being made to the design of the jersey which varies in accordance with the sponsor for that particular season of IPL.

MI Team Flag and Logo:

The team flag for Mumbai Indians also has not seen many changes till the time it is being introduced. It is designed with the logo of Mumbai Indians in the middle of blue flag. There are only some minor changes being made to the flag since the day it has been introduced. After each and every hit of players from Mumbai Indians, it is very common to observe the blue wave being raised by audience in the ground to support and motivate their players in the ground.

International performance and Records hold by Mumbai Indians:

Mumbai Indians are one of the squad who is also very well known for their international performance in the version of IPL. Popularly called as Champions League T20, this version of the game is popular among much international audience since there are many international teams from different countries participating in the event. So far, there are only two Indian teams made their best mark over there and Mumbai Indians are one of the best among them so far.

The first victory for the team in any of the event in T20 actually came from the Champions League T20 wherein they are the title winners during the year 2011. It was one of the greatest motivations for the team during that year since there are many criticisms revolving around the team because of the winning streak and this Champions League T20 has turned out to be a good launch pad for the team. During year 2013, Mumbai Indians also raised to new heights since they won both IPL and Champions League T20 that year.

Reason and Facts behind why MI the Most followed franchise

Mumbai Indians became one of the most popular franchises in the world of sports all over the world. They reached this honor with nearly 290 million viewers from India and different parts of the world were watching the event and following them through various means which is one of the best records after the football franchise. Also they are the only franchise from sports other than football to reach the height since most of the fans all over the world are most interested to follow football franchise.

Below are some of the facts that showcase the reasons why Mumbai Indians are one of the most popular franchises:

  • Even when Sachin is not playing for the team Mumbai Indians, most of the neutral states without IPL team are supporting Mumbai Indians only because of the reason that it was team of their most favorite cricket player of all times.
  • Selection of players by selection committee of Mumbai Indians is fantastic wherein they will not always chase for the big stardom. They will always go for players with good talent and they very often encourage young talent which is liked by most of the cricket fans.
  • The home ground of Mumbai Indians itself is one of the biggest stardom for the team since most of the important landmarks that has been reached by team India in cricket has occurred in this stadium including world cup 2011 finals.

.Power of young:

One of the main reason why there are many people eagerly watching the matches of Mumbai Indians is because of the players list. The selection committee of Mumbai Indians team will always instill new blood into the team and make sure that they are contributing better to team and to their self. While most of the teams in IPL are looking for winning matches by selecting more senior players, Mumbai Indians camp will always select and train young players which are more interesting to watch.

Cricketing fans from India and all over the world are now pinning hopes on Mumbai Indians for their best performance in the upcoming league. This league will be a best one for Mumbai Indians fans in all aspects.

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