JP Senani samman Yojana in Bihar

Every government launched a scheme for giving the better service to the common people. Every state introduced some schemes, which mainly used for the poor people. Laluprasad, the former chief Minister of Bihar launched a scheme, which is known as JP Senani samman Yojana.

Jp Senani samman Yojana

In this scheme government declare that people, who stayed in jail for six months his monthly pension, will be five thousand and whose duration was one year his monthly pension will be ten thousand. As a result the state makes the tremendous mark all over the India.

Objectives of the scheme

The main features of the scheme were who is return from jail will get the benefits from the government. When a people spend in a jail for six months he will get five thousand rupees per month and who return from jail after spending one year his monthly pension will be ten thousand rupees. This is the monthly pension. The pension money given by the government to the people in their bank accounts is useful for the people as well as for the development of the sate which will lead to the development of the nation.

Benefits of this scheme

Laluprasad Yadav launched this scheme for taking the revolution of the state. When this scheme was introduced corruption became washed away from the state of Bihar. For coming this way people get huge benefits. These benefits are given through the below points:

  • Bihar is the backward state all over the world Laluprasad want to make this state corruption less state. That is why he introduced this scheme.
  • For launching this scheme common people can lead their life without corruption.
  • People, who are return from jail, realize the importance of life. For getting some money they will stay free without any tension. As a result their mind became steady and they keep away from corruption.
  • Apart from these anyone who spend their time in a prison without any crime. For getting the pension, they seem that it will be the honor for them.
  • Some people want to make their child as a social people. This pension became helpful for their future.
  • Money is the main reason of corruption. But when people will get the pension money their mind and thought became steady and they do not want to include various problems in the country.

Thus the benefits are helping the government as well as the authorities to maintain the decorum with equal distribution of income.


People are too much accustomed with the money. They want to earn too much money in a short period. That is why people are always addicted in various corruptions, which help them to earn money through the tricky policy. But the former chief Minister of Bihar introduced JP Senani samman Yojana, which is helpful for the jail returned criminal. For their upliftment government decided to provide some money, which was treated as a pension money.

As a result after spending their time in a jail for getting this money they can develop their mentality, this was the special features of this scheme. That is why the period of Laluprasad was treated as the golden era of Bihar. Thus, Laluprasad will able to take the improvement of Bihar state.


For launching this scheme common people got huge facilities. Under the Maintenance of internal security act who remained in the Patna jail during four decades they will get help from the government. The reason for their jail is the 1974 chattra movement for opposing Emergency imposed by former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

Features of the scheme

Nitish Kumar, current Chief Minister of Bihar want to enhance the expansion of the JP Scheme. In this scheme government declare that people will get the pension money after submitting their documents like their identity card, their photo and extra documents. The applications of the scheme were submitted around three thousands and almost thousands people were benefited. JP Senani samman Yojana was released in the month of June, 2016. This scheme was mainly introduced for the purpose for giving the honour of joyprakash Narayan. For introducing of this scheme Laluprasad shows the right way of prosperity.


Nitish Kumar recently spread the scheme for the Bihar people. Through this scheme a lost people will get the hymn of life and they teach their child socialism and honesty. Apart from these people are spend too much time in a jail. In that time they always engaged in hard works. They work without any value. But when they will free from jail they can easily get pension money, which can protect them and prohibited them to do some corruptions. Apart from these some people, who are victims without any crime this pension will be treated as their honour. When they spend their time in a prison they cannot make their future as a result money earning became impossible from them. If they get some money their future life will be protected.


Name of the schemeJP Senani Samman Yojana
Introduced byLaluprasad Yadav, former C.M of Bihar
Releasing dateJune, 2016
Motto of the schemeAbolished the corruption and help the jail returned person
Pension amount5000 -10000/ month

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