Applying For Village Social Transformation Mission Maharashtra

The Village Social Transformation Mission was started in the state of Maharashtra by the state government as a program to benefit its residents. This will especially help those who live in the more rural parts of the state.

This is designed to help improve upon the infrastructure of the state. That includes improving upon the conditions and accessibility of roads, plumbing, electricity and other critical resources. The goal is to get every part of the state to be covered by necessary resources and to help encourage the development of self-sustainable areas of the state. This is also to provide people with employment for taking care of many tasks associated with getting the rural parts of the state to have better living conditions.

Village Social Transformation Mission Maharashtra

The mission will work alongside the government through support from the Corporate Social Responsibility Act.

What Will Be Done?

The things that will be completed in the mission will entail many solutions dedicated to making rural areas of Maharashtra more livable. The process will entail points such as:

  • New water conservation solutions will be promoted. This includes looking into how different water projects relating to storing and securing water.
  • Much of this will be devoted to improving agriculture standards. This includes creating a better self-sustaining system where it will be easier for crops to be grown.
  • The project will also focus on improving electric grids around rural areas. Basic access to electricity will be encouraged along with support for getting living units to utilize it.
  • Much of this is also responsible for teaching residents new skills that may be used for future employment purposes. These include skills on farming, sewing and crafting among other functions.

About a thousand different villages around the state will be supported. These include tribal villages that do not have proper access to many modern forms of technology. The program is designed to help get in touch with many of these rural areas and to help them move on to more modern forms of technology and living.

How This Works

The mission will entail people heading out to rural parts of the state. This is to help others with learning about what they can do to have better and more positive lives. More importantly, it is also about setting up a better overall infrastructure that people in those rural areas can actually benefit from.

The program will be rather rewarding and appealing to fellows who sign up. There is also a potential for people to gain meaningful employment and be rewarded well for their work. However, an application must be submitted and reviewed before one can actually be accepted into the program.

How People Can Apply

The application process for getting into the Village Social Transformation Mission entails a series of steps that must be followed. People are to submit the proper documents for getting an interview to qualify.

  1. An application will have to go online to fill out an application. To do this, people will have to visit the following site:

While using the site, a person will have to enter in the following bits of information:

  • One’s name, current address, email address and phone number must be entered as general contact information for possible positions.
  • A person’s birth date and gender should be added. This is to get an idea of how old someone is and if that person is ready for certain tasks.
  • The application will entail how well a person knows English, Hindi or Marathi. This includes if a person can read, write or speak those languages.
  • One’s educational qualification must be entered. This refers to any degrees one has and where that person might have gotten a degree from.
  • One’s current job should be added if applicable. This may be used to review one’s ability to complete certain tasks.
  • The preferred placement that one wants must also be listed. An application can be placed in either Amravati, Gadchiroli, Nandurbar or Yavatmal or that person can have no particular preference.

All information should be filled out in as specific of a manner as possible. This is to improve the potential for the application to actually be read as desired.

  1. A resume is also required. This should be as detailed as possible with regards to one’s background and qualifications.
  2. A proper document that answers a few questions is also needed.

There are three important questions that have to be answered. The question should be highlighted before each answer. Also, each answer should be less than 250 words in length.

The three questions to answer are as follows:

  • Why is one interested in a rural development fellowship?
  • Fellows will have to work in rural areas and get in touch with local communities. What prior experience does one have that shows an ability to actually handle such subjects?
  • How will one use the experiences attained in this mission later on in life?

The program will entail plenty of work on the parts of all people involved. However, it will be a very rewarding and appealing program that will be especially rewarding to those who take part in it.

Training Is Needed

Those who are accepted into the mission will be properly trained. The training involved will entail looking into how well people can handle the duties that will be asked of them. This includes looking at the proper skills that may be put to use.

The TISS and IIT-CTARA programs will be used in particular. This will help with understanding what forms of technology people can work with and how far they can handle certain technical aspects of a program.

The support for villages around Maharashtra through the Village Social Transformation Mission will be important for helping the region with improving the quality of life in many forms. This support is especially designed to improve upon the lives of people in villages that do not have regular access to many of the necessary resources that they require for proper living.

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