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The MahaLabharthi portal is an online portal where the residents of Maharashtra can obtain information about all state government schemes. They can register themselves here and get personalized information about the various schemes that are coming up. Online Registration Portal Maharashtra

NameMahaLabharthi portal
Launched ByHon’ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra
Launched DateOctober 2017
Web Portal
Target Audience There are about 229 welfare schemes available in the state. This portal has consolidated all their details and provides them to people who are eligible for the schemes.

Features of the portal

  • This portal will send you personalized information based on your details. This means that if you qualify certain scheme eligibility criteria, then it will send you intimation about the same.
  • For this, you will have to enter a lot of personalized information on the portal like your age, residence, profession, contact details and more.
  • Via these, the portal will send you information about schemes you have qualified for and they will tell you the benefits of the scheme, registration last date and more.
  • This is an extremely valuable step which will help you know about the various modes of application as well. This is a onetime registration process only.
  • You can do this at your own place online or you can visit the nearest help center (which we will tell you about in the later part of this post) and get yourself registered.
  • This portal is dedicated to create a society where everyone will have ease of access of information. Many a times many eligible people get left out of the schemes because the information does not reach them. This can be avoided.
  • Also, the Minister’s office will provide all the correct details of each scheme directly into this portal. Hence all official details can be accessed from this site.
  • All the citizens of Maharashtra can register on this portal – there are no reservations about the persons that can register to know about the welfare schemes.
  • Even before the government has not intimated the person individually, they can obtain the information from the web page directly if they check it regularly for updates.

How it works 

  • Register: So basically you have to register yourself on the portal first and provide your mobile number on which you will be communicated the details henceforth.
  • Login: Login to check the schemes that are handpicked for you on the website. You can also login to add or edit your details entered.
  • Get updates: Once you have registered, just sit back and relax as the government directly sends you personalized updates on your contact number about schemes that might interest you.
  • Personalized details: not only will you get to know about the schemes but also the details of it – for example, the documents needed for a specific scheme, the process, the time duration and more.
  • Search scheme: You can also go to the main page and click on “Search scheme” to directly search the schemes available to you.

Application form

You can get the application form online in a PDF format. You have to then take a print out of the application form. To get the application form, first of all go to the official page of the portal – and from there download the PDF form of the application. Or you can click on this link and save the file directly on your computer –

You will see that this page is in Hindi. Simply download this page and take a print out. After taking a print out fill out this page and submit it to your nearest MS-CIT center.

To check your nearest MS-CIT center, click on this link

How to register offline

If you are still unable to fill out the form, then you have to take the help of the MKCL MS-CIT help centers. They will help you register offline in this way –

  • The MKCL MS-CITs will be present at centers near you and they will help those who are unable to fill out the forms either offline or online.
  • You simply have to visit the center with your details and the facilitator will sit on his or her computer and fill out the online form and complete your registration.
  • At the maximum you will have to pay Rs. 70 for these services. In exchange, they will fill out your entire information on the online portal and give you a print out of the information they have obtained.
  • This will complete your registration process. You can also get the sample application form from them at Rs. 1 to Rs. 5 per copy in this place.

How to register online

To register online you will have to follow some important steps for which you first need an internet connection. Follow these steps to successfully complete your online registration –

  1. Step 1: Go to the official website – directly from here and you will see that the page opens in Marathi language. You can change the language of the page to English. Just go to the top center of your page and click “English.”
  2. Step2: Now once you are able to see the options in your preferred language, you have to find out the button that says “Citizen Login.” Click on it.
  3. Step 3: If you are already a registered member of this website then enter your login ID and details and enter. But if you are not then click on the “Register” button.
  4. Step 4: Once you click on this button you will see a page has opened that asks for your Mobile number, full name, Date of birth, etc. Enter all the details.
  5. Step 5: At the top, after entering your mobile number, make sure you click on “Send OTP” and then continue. Till the time you complete the form, your phone should be buzzing with an OTP sent from this server.
  6. Step 6: Make sure you enter the 6-digit OTP on the top of the page and verify your mobile number accurately. After doing that follow the next step.
  7. Step 7: There is another step at the bottom – don’t miss it. You have to check the box that says “I accept terms and conditions”. Only after that you can register.
  8. Step 8: After registering you will be given a unique username and password which you can use to login later on this website and find the details of the schemes launched.


This is a very good step towards connecting the people with the policies. It will ensure that those who own at least a mobile phone connection can stay up to date with the latest schemes tailor made for them.

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