Blind People’s Insurance Scheme in Kerala

The state government of Kerala has announced a scheme for the blind people. As per this new scheme the blind individuals will be getting insurance in their name. This is a first of such insurance to be launched. The policy is yet to be announced but it is expected to be announced on the Louis Braille Day by the National Association of Blind (NAB) of the state.

Blind People’s Insurance Scheme in Kerala

Things to know about this scheme

  • Under this scheme the government will be providing financial assistance to the blind students. Apart from that they will also be eligible for a life insurance scheme.
  • The students will be provided with assistance during the event to take place on a certain day. All eligible ones will be called on the stage to receive the benefit.
  • As of now it is declared that 700 visually impaired students will receive the benefit of this scheme. It is strictly for the students.
  • The students who do not have eyes or who have become blind due to some trauma in their lives will be eligible to receive the benefits of this scheme.
  • The policy will be beneficial to those students whose disability has rendered them unemployed. The government will give them financial aid under this scheme.
  • The insurance policy provided under this scheme has been launched by Amway Opportunity Foundation – the corporate and social wing of Amway India.

Aim of the scheme

It is important to know why such a scheme was launched when there are many other schemes which are addressing the cause of the visually impaired. After a thorough review, the following aims of the scheme were deduced –

  • The insurance scheme will provide the visually challenged with confidence. Many a times they tend to lose hope because they do not have any insurance scheme under their name and since their unemployment renders them unacknowledged the companies won’t give them insurance. Hence their lives remain at risk but not anymore. With this scheme, their lives will no longer be uninsured and they can also get assured that they will have something to gain.
  • It will give the blind persons encouragement so that they can flourish in their lives. It will also give them financial assistance so they will be able to support themselves or at least take care of some part of their expenses while they are still students. Students are the ones that are in need of the money because they are still developing their skill set. Hence this money will prove them beneficial during their growth years.

The scheme was launched by NAB and Braille calendars were distributed during this event for the occasion of New Year.

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