Aasara Pension Scheme Telangana 2020 [Application Form, List, Amount, Website, Toll Free Number, Eligibility Criteria, Documents] 

The Telangana government has started the Aasara Pension scheme to improve the general well-being of the citizens of the state. The scheme will focus on the safety and security of the needy families. Therefore, with the successful implementation of the scheme, it can be expected to improve the condition of Telangana society. It is further known that the Telangana government has introduced 14 more categories of schemes for physically disabled persons. It can be expected that a total of 4.9 lakhs disabled person will be benefitted from the entitled scheme. Read the following part of the article to have better idea about how the entitled scheme is beneficial for the state citizens.

Aasara Pension Scheme Telangana

Name of the scheme Aasara Pension Scheme Telangana 2019-20
Scheme has been launched in Telangana
Scheme has been launched by Telangana government
Target group of the scheme Poor people of the state
Number of beneficiaries to be benefitted Near about 4.9 lakhs disabled person
Amount to be given to beneficiaries Rupees 3016 monthly
Amount allocated for the scheme Rupees 9402 crores have been allocated by Telangana Chief Minister 
Website aasara.telangana.gov.in
Toll Free Number NA

 Amount to be given to different sections of society

SL. No Category Monthly Pension amount
1Old Age2016
2People with HIV-AIDS2016
4Incapacitated weavers2016
5Toddy Peppers2016

 What are the features of the scheme?

  • Target group of the scheme – Disabled persons of Telangana are included in the above said scheme. For this, 14 new categories disabled have been included who can avail the scheme benefits.
  • Amount to be allocated for the scheme –The Chief Minister of Telangana has allotted a total of rupees 9402 for the above mentioned scheme.
  • Amount to be given to beneficiaries – The beneficiaries under the scheme will get a pension amount of rupees 3016. Before giving the benefits, government has setup medical boards to examine the condition of the disabled person before offering them the scheme benefits.
  • Number of beneficiaries to be benefitted – It has been stated that a total number of 4.9 lakhs of disabled person can avail the scheme benefits.

Telangana Aasara Pension Scheme Disability Category List

BlindnessLow VisionPersons Cured of Leprosy
Hearing ImpairedLocomotor DisabilityDwarfism
IntellectualMental IllnessAutism Spectrum Disorder
Cerebral PalsyMuscular DystrophyChronic Neurological Conditions
Specific Learning DisabilitiesMultiple SclerosisSpeech & Language Disability
ThalassemiaHaemophiliaSickle Cell Disease
Multiple Disabilities including Deaf BlindnessAcid Attack VictimsParkinson’s Disease

 Eligibility criteria for old aged

  • Age limit – Theage of individuals should be 57 years and above in order to avail the scheme benefits.
  • Vulnerable groups – In this scheme, both primitive and vulnerable groups are eligible to get scheme benefits. However, one person from every family, especially considering women can avail the benefits.
  • Homeless people – The citizens living in informal houses, including the ones living in an urban area can avail the scheme benefits.
  • Home run by aged person – If a household is run by the widow or ill person or physically disabled one who is 65 years and above, they are included in the group to get the scheme benefits.
  • Landless laborers – All landless agricultural laborers, including rural artisans are included in this group. Also, people working as cart pullers, coolies, porters, fruit sellers and flower sellersin both rural and urban areas are part of this scheme.
  • Categories included in the scheme –The pension will be given to individuals who are widows, physically disabled, beedi workers, AIDS afflicted candidates, Goud community candidates, and elephantiasis people.

What is the eligibility criterion for Widows?

  • Age limit – The widows applying for Aasara pension scheme should be of 18 years old and above. Here, only widow are eligible to avail the scheme benefits.
  • Vulnerable groups – Women belonging to both primitive and vulnerable groups can become part of the above-said scheme. Here, women should be the sole earning member of the family to get the scheme benefits.
  • Lower section of women included – Women workers like rural artisans, agricultural workers, slum women, daily workers like porters, coolies, rickshaw pullers, flower sellers and the like are included in this scheme. For here, women belonging to the rural and urban areas are eligible to get the scheme perks.
  • Disabled widows – Poor families which are run by widows or a disabled person 65 years of age and above can approach for the scheme benefits. Besides, homeless people of both the urban and rural areas are included in this scheme.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for Weavers?

  • Weavers should be within the age group of 50 years and above in order to be eligible to get the scheme benefits.
  • Single earning member of the family can avail the scheme benefits. Here, women belonging to both primitive and vulnerable classes are eligible to get the benefits.
  • Candidates who wish to get benefits should be weavers by profession and they can be both from rural and urban areas.
  • The homeless citizens living in urban and rural areas are also part of the scheme. Families that are run by ill or disabled or widow belonging to 65 years of age and above are also eligible for the scheme.

What is Eligibility Criteria for Toddy Tappers?

  • The Toddy Tappers should belong to the age group of 50 years and above to get the scheme benefits.
  • Only one person from every family is eligible to get the scheme benefits. Here, the person working as Toddy Tappers both in rural and urban areas can opt for the perks. Even primitive and vulnerable citizens are also included.
  • When the families are run by a widow or ill or disabled person who are 65 years and above can get the scheme offerings.
  • The Toddy Tappers can avail the scheme benefits only after proper pension verification from higher authorities. This will help to ensure that the verification number is correctly registered with the pension authority for proper use.
  • The families living in temporary areas, including urban areas are also eligible to get the scheme benefits.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for Disabled Person?

  • A disabled person is eligible to get the scheme benefits, and there is no age limit for the disabled person. In this, individuals belonging to both vulnerable and primitive group are included.
  • Families are also run by women, and there should not be any able-bodied individual in the family in order to avail the scheme perks.
  • People with hearing ability are also eligible for the scheme. For this, a disabled person should have a minimum of 51% of disability to avail scheme perks.
  • Individuals working as landless agricultural laborers, rural artisans, and living in slum areas are also included for the above-said scheme benefits.
  • The homeless people in urban areas living in temporary houses are also part of the Yojana. Along with this, the women of 65 years age and above who are the single earning members of their family are also eligible.

What are the documents Required to apply for Aasara Pension?

To avail the benefits of pension benefits, candidates have to furnish the following documents at the time of registration.

  • Photographs – Candidate should furnish their photographs at the time of registration for the scheme
  • Identity proof – Aadhaar card details are required as identification proof along with others like voter ID card, ration card and the like.
  • Bank account details – Bank account details like IFSC code, bank account details, branch code and the like should be produced.
  • Age proof – The candidate should provide age proof details like marriage certificate and the like in justification of their claim.
  • Death certificates – Widows should produce death certificates of their husband. If the same is not available, the Panchayat Secretary will conduct survey to justify the claim before offering the scheme benefit to the widow woman. Here, the death certificate should be offered within the next three months to the Panchayat office.
  • Documents for Toddy Tappers – The Toddy Tappers should provide relevant photographs of registration papers of the scheme to the Cooperative society to get the scheme benefits.
  • Weavers – Theweaversneed to provide Xerox copy of registration certificate that has been issued by Cooperative society. This will be checked by higher authority before the scheme is offered to the weavers.
  • Documents for disabilities – The disabilities of up to 40% should get SADAREM certificate. Along with this, individuals with hearing problem up to 51% can also get the scheme benefits under the above mentioned one. for this, they have to produce suitable documents at the time of online registration for the scheme.

How to apply for Aasara Pension?

  • The candidate should download the application form from the official site. Other than this, the application is also available from MeeSeva Center in the nearby area.
  • After this, the candidate should fill up the form providing correct details and supported documents given above.
  • After filling up the form, it should be submitted to either village revenue officer or Gram Panchayat secretary of the respective area. Other than this, it can also be given to Bill collector in case of urban areas.
  • Following the online process and scrutiny by Municipal Commissioner and District Collector, the pension card will be distributed to the selected candidate that will have a photograph of them in the card.

How to search Aasara Pensioner Details?

  1. First, candidates have to visit the official portal of the scheme at Aasra Portal.
  2. After this, candidates can get details from the search menu on the scheme portal. They have to click on the right link that will direct them to the main page. Here, they will have the option to given the pension ID and click on the search button to get the details.
  3. If any candidate does not have the pension ID, there is an alternative method to get access to the pensioner’s details.
  4. Following this, the candidate has to click on the district, mandal and Panchayat details from the drop down list.
  5. The candidate has to enter the name of the head of the family and then click on the search button. Soon after this, the details of the pensioner will come up on the screen.

Disbursal of Aasara Pensions 

As per the above said scheme, payment will be given within the 1st to 7th of every month to the eligible candidates. For the large municipalities, the pension amount will be directly credited in the linked bank accounts of the beneficiaries. For the rural candidates, the amount will be given in the linked local banks. Apart from this, the financial help can also be given in the post offices. Thus, for the disbursement, biometric system will be used for better authentication. This will help to maintain that the amount has been given to the right person.

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