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PMGDY is a plan made by the NDA government to provide all-weather and developed road connectivity to all the rural areas across India. The scheme was launched for the under developed villages and unconnected areas. This scheme had started concentrating on the roads that connect the remote areas of the nations with other parts of the country.

According to the Assam tribune, the scheme will not only allow the authority to develop all-weather roads but also help to reconstruct under developed villages as well. The scheme was fully central government funded when started but now states are also contributing in it so that the improvement takes place in grass root level.

YojanaPradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
Launched Year 2000
Announced ByPrime Minister Shree Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Budget Distribution 2017-18Central 60% State 40%
Supervised By Ministry of Rural Development
Official Site (Latest Update)http://www.pmgsy.nic.in/


Official Site (PMGSY) Tenders http://pmgsytenders.gov.in/nicgep/app
Helpline Number 155335 (Odisa)

Objective or Working Plan

The main objective or aim of the scheme is to provide road connectivity to all the villages across the country. According to the 2000 plans, the objectives of the scheme are as follows:

  • To provide roads connectivity and internal development of the villages those contain minimum 1000 people. These villages are situated in plain areas. This plan will be covered by the end of 2003.
  • To provide roads connectivity and internal development of the villages those contain minimum 500 people. These villages are also situated in plain areas. This project will be achieved by the end of 2007.
  • To provide roads connectivity and some internal development of the villages situated in hilly, tribal and backward areas that contain minimum 500 people. The project was set to achieve the target by 2003.
  • To provide roads connectivity and internal development of the villages situated in hilly areas, tribal areas and backward areas that contain as low as 250 people in total. This project was set to achieve the target by the year 2007.
  • To provide roads connectivity to the 60 left extremism affected area or integrated action plan districts. These districts are identified by the Ministry of Home affairs.

Meri Sadak Android App, Bharat Nirman and PMGDY

  1. You can now download Meri Sadak Android app and can complain about your road and get it resolved in 60 days.
  2. Bharat Nirman was declared by the President of India in the year 2005. It was a major development program for the rural areas of the country.
  3. Under this program there are total 6 components that are listed for the development and rural roads are one of them. The PMGSY scheme had become the major part under the Bharat Nirman program.
  4. Under the Bharat Nirman program the goal was set to cover villages where 1000 or more people are living and villages where 500 or more people are living and situated in hilly or tribal areas.
  5. According to the plan of Bharat Nirman rural road development component, these villages will be connected by the pucca roads to the prime locations like town, markets and highways.
  6. Here in Bharat Nirman it was also said that there will a provision of upgrades of the roads. Those roads which are already constructed but not in good state to use will be reconstructed.

Coverage Area

  • According to the plan under the scheme, total of 1, 68, 268 habitations are eligible for the connectivity of roads. But after the scrutiny it has seen that only 1, 36, 464 habitations were covered under the scheme.
  • On the other the length of the rods that are planned to construct is said to be 1, 46, 185 km across the nation. The length of the renewal or reconstruction of the existing roads is said to be 1, 94, 130 km across the country.
  • Overall total of 2, 24, 906 km roads has been considered to be eligible under the scheme for development, building and also for the reconstruction.


The left-wing extremism districts in India are eligible and considered to be under this scheme. The implementation of the scheme in these areas has taken some steps to construct connectivity roads in and around these places.

  • It has been declared that in the integrated action plan districts, up to 75 meter of the bridges and roads will be constructed with the fund from the central government. If there is any need for more than 75 meter of bridges then the extra meter will be borne by the state government.
  • On the other for the plain and general areas the limit is 50 meters instead of 75 meters. In regard to this, government has reduced the budget of the scheme by 50 lakhs to attract outside bidders for more funds and quality work.
  • For the left-wing extremism districts there are some special funds released for the connectivity packages from central government. These projects will be taken up with the assistance of WB/ADB.
  • Under Forest Act, 5 ha of forest land have been approved for the use of building roads and connectivity infrastructure for the 60 LWE and IAP districts. The approval have already issued by the central government and forest department of India.

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana Details

Sl. No.IssuesAchieved
1Habitation Cleared1, 09, 036
2Habitation Connected79, 931
3Length of road completed3, 29, 460 km
4New Connectivity1, 96, 602 km
5Upgrade1, 32, 857 km
6Cleared Roads90, 596 km
7No. of road cleared1, 06, 431
8No. of roads completed83, 277
9Value of the proposal clearedRs. 1, 19, 164 Cr
10Amount releasedRs. 88, 863 Cr
11Total ExpenditureRs. 84, 760 Cr

Yearly Achievement of Roads Completed and Expenditure:

YearRoads CompletedExpenditure
2006 – 0730, 710 km7, 304 Cr
2007 – 0841, 300 km10, 618 Cr
2008 – 0952, 405 km15, 161 Cr
2009 – 1060, 117 km18, 832 Cr
2010 – 1145, 109 km14, 910 Cr
2011 – 1230, 995 km10, 946 Cr
2012 – 1324, 161 km8, 386 Cr
2013 – 1425, 313 km13, 095 Cr
2014 – 1536, 337 km16, 538 Cr
2015 – 1637, 000 km19, 200 Cr.*
2017-1812,861.591 Km 

Plans and Decisions

In regards to supervise the scheme and making it little faster process in recent time some of the decisions have been made by the authorities. The decisions are as follows:

  • Though the 60% of the funds will be released by the central government but the responsibility of the state will be 100% regarding the supervision of the process and maintenance of the assets they are creating. In order to do such the state authorities have to be more careful.
  • Total 24 states have shifted to e-procurement for the bidding process and transparent tendering procedure. Switching over to e-procurement and e-bidding makes things much easier.
  • In order to make sure that the implementations are going in a right direction it has been announced that the local MPs must visit the places, communicate with the state quality monitors and other authorities involved in this process. The pictures and video clips can be collected while MPs visit the place in order to know they are monitoring the process.
  • The local authorities and local MPs’ involvement is mandatory under this scheme. In order to keep the records of their involvement the states have to submit at least 10 photographs of the transect walk where MPs and local authorities will be featured.
  • The states are needed to submit new proposals with following attachments:
  • Proof of consultation with MP regarding the gram sabha and such
  • Minutes of gram sabha meeting organised in transect walk and recommendations of gram sabha regarding DPR.
  • 10 digital photographs of the transect walk featuring MPs and local authorities.

Impact of the Scheme

The impact or the advantages of the implementation of the scheme are positive in a diverse ways. The following benefits have come to the fame after implementation of the program:

  • The newly constructed roads allow farmers to reach at the market sooner. The roads, as proposed, are well connected between the farms and the markets. This has made easier to travel from one village to another for trading and business.
  • It has triggered a huge employment generation in rural as well as remote rural areas. People involved in the construction and related work are recruited from local areas. So the scheme opens jobs for millions.
  • Children can now go to other villages and even to towns for education. They can travel easily to attend their schools. Also women and elderly people can also travel from place to another as the roads have become swift and hassle free.
  • Taxi services have been introduced in so many remote areas. There are some places where no vehicle is available and people had to walk down a mile to get a rickshaw or something like that. But with the development of the roads, taxi services are easily reaching those places and people are getting good access to the main roads.
  • Other impacts like economic benefits, trading benefits, less time consumption, easy access to different places and much more can be considered under the benefits of the PMGSY scheme.

Response of the Scheme

The response of the different states and districts are different under the scheme. As mentioned, the overall response of the scheme in general is way too positive for mass people, but as far as the implementation speed is concerned it has shown a mixed response for different districts.

  • In IAP districts the average expenditure showed Rs. 11, 663 Cr in total whereas the fund released for these areas is Rs. 17, 646 Cr i.e., on an average 66%.
  • On the one side some of the districts from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Orissa has shown 80% expenditure whereas some of the districts in Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Orissa have shown 22% expenditure.

Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana Tenders 2017 Opening and Closing Date:

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Tender Status :

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Progress of the Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana

The condition of roads is not up to the mark in Indian villages. It creates a lot of issues for the people living in these areas. For changing the scenario, central government has launched Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana four years back. The Rural Development Ministry announced that task of constructing new roads will start soon. 2 or 4 lane roads will not be constructed in rural areas. The department has already chalked out the estimated cost of this project. All these details were offered by Ram Kripal Yadav who is the Minister of State for Rural Development. Well-constructed roads will pave the path for rural development and progress as well.

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