Rythu Runa Mafi Scheme in Telangana  (Farmer Crop Loan Waiver Scheme) 2020 [Farmer Beneficiary List, Application Form Download online, Eligibility, Check Loan Status]

The Crop Loan Waiver Scheme was initiated by the Telangana government in 2018. To offer better benefits, the current government has made certain changes to the scheme. By this, it can be expected that the condition of the agricultural farmers will be improved in the state. To know more about relevant details, the following part of the article shall help.


Name Crop Loan Waiver Scheme
Launched inTelangana
Launched  byK Chandrashekhar Rao
Date of announcement of 2018
Implementation date 2018 – 2019
Announcement of new guidelines on 17th March 2020
Target beneficiaries Poor farmers who have opted for agricultural loans
Supervised byGovernment of Telangana

 Key features of the scheme

  1. Improvement of farmer’s condition – Chief Minister of the state is planning to launch the scheme to improve the agricultural sector and help farmers to live in an improved condition.
  2. Offering financial help to farmers – As per scheme rules, the state government will waive off farmer’s agricultural loans. Therefore, it is possible to remove the financial burden of the farmers.
  3. Crop loan waiver limit – Agricultural farmers will be offered a maximum of rupees 25000 loan waiving facility, as stated in the scheme guidelines.
  4. Other agricultural loans – In the scheme guidelines, it is stated that only short-term loans and loans taken against gold will be waived off for the farmers.
  5. Limit of the loan outstanding amount – Farmers who have opted for a loan against gold and the short-term loan will be given financial help from rupees 25000 to rupees 1 lakh.
  6. Number of beneficiaries of the scheme – The loan waiving will be done through different phases, and within that, a total of 5.83 lakh farmers can enjoy benefits under the scheme.
  7. Mode of payment – The beneficiary selected for the scheme will be given an official cheque from the state government.
  8. Stepwise implementation of the scheme – Under the first phase, farmers will get benefits of up to rupees 25000. However, for workers with the loan amount from rupees 25000 to rupees 1 lakh will be given loan in four different phases.
  9. Budget allocated for the scheme – Rupees 1198 crores have been allotted by the finance department of the state. For the remaining phases of the scheme, rupees 24,738 crores are required by the state government. As of now, it has been able to manage a fund of rupees 6225 crores.
  10. Period of the scheme –As highlighted by CM of Telangana, the loan waiving scheme will continue for the coming four years for the help of the farmers.

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Eligibility criteria for the applicants

  • Residents of Telangana – The loan waiving scheme will be launched by the Telangana state government. Therefore, only the residents of the state are applicable to enjoy the scheme benefits.
  • Loan issuance criteria – The farmers who have got the agricultural credits within the time of 1st April 2014 to 11th December 2018 is applicable to enjoy the scheme benefits. For the ones who have got the loan outside the given time frame, cannot avail the benefits.
  • Occupational requirement – Only the farmers involved in agricultural practice to earn for their livelihood are eligible to be selected as a beneficiary under the scheme.
  • Financially backward group of farmers – Only the farmers who belong to the BPL category can apply under the scheme to get the benefits.

Documents required for registration under the scheme

  1. Residential proof –Official documents to justify farmers are legal and permanent residents of the state are eligible to avail the scheme benefits.
  2. Occupational documents–It is necessary to produce a certificate for the farmers that have been issued by the state farmers association at the time of registration for the scheme.
  3. BPL certificate – Only the farmers belonging to the BPL group of the state are eligible, and therefore, they have to produce a BPL certificate at the time of registration.
  4. Identification proof – As identification proof, the candidates need to produce Aadhaar card, voter ID card, and the like along with registration form for the scheme.
  5. Loan application documents – Required copies of loan documents are required to be submitted that highlight the nature of credit and details of the loan amount. The higher authority will verify it.

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How to get a registration form for the scheme?

CM of Telangana gas stated that some changes had been made in the application procedure related to the scheme. The easy procedure will be adopted so that it becomes easy for the farmers to avail of the scheme benefits. So, the government is planning to make the process paperless and hassle-free. Also, a separate registration portal will be launched for the help of the farmers. The beneficiary candidates can visit the website and fill-up the form with the necessary details required for the scheme. The information will be published on the portal, and the beneficiaries will be the first to know about it once it is uploaded.

Details of the selection procedure for the beneficiaries

The official website will offer the details of the applicants who are selected as beneficiaries. Even the loan related information and the eligibility criteria will be detailed on the portal for the convenience of the farmers. The bank officials are responsible to prepare the list of a beneficiary under the scheme. A list will be prepared for every village and district. This apart, the applicant can log on to the official portal of the scheme to lodge any complaint pertaining to the scheme. However, the government will try its best to resolve the issues within 30 days of complaint lodged. So, the revised scheme can be considered as an initiative to improve the condition of livelihood of the poor farmers in Telangana. 

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