Mukhyamantri Tirth (Teerth) Yatra Yojana Delhi 2020 Senior Citizen Free Online Application Form Process, Eligibility Criteria, Trip Train Schedule  (मुख्यमंत्री तीर्थ दर्शन यात्रा योजना)

The Free Tirth Yatra Yojana was lately announced by the Delhi state government. The new scheme is mainly focused on providing an opportunity of visiting places of pilgrimage for senior citizens of Delhi city. The government will cover up all travelling expenses for the Senior citizens who will be selected for enrolling under the scheme. The opportunity will be provided by the Delhi government free of cost for the senior citizens.

Free Trith Yatra Yojana In Delhi

Eligibility Criteria 

  • To be eligible under the scheme the Delhi government has stated that the beneficiary can only be a senior citizen and a resident of the Capital by birth. So if applicant is above 60 years age limit then he or she is free to get registered under this Pilgrimage scheme.
  • The Delhi government has also made it clear that the beneficiary should belong to the family group whose yearly income is just below Rs 3 lakhs.
  • The government has also made it mandatory that people who were employed under the government jobs earlier will also not be able to get any benefit under the scheme.

Features of the Free Tirth Yatra Yojana

  • Selection process – A complete list of over 1000 selected senior citizens from around 70 different jurisdictions within Delhi shall be prepared by the state government.
  • Facilities provided – Under the scheme the state government will provide the candidates with free traveling opportunities. Apart from this they will also be provided with all expenses related to travelling and stay for each beneficial candidate. This expense shall be borne by the government.
  • First batch – The Delhi government has also announced that the first batch for the Tirth yatra under the scheme shall be travelling only after Makar Sankranti during January 2018 Month. The government will make all arrangements for travel to by means of bus transportation.

Key Features

  • The state government has offered with the benefit to the pilgrims, such that the entire cost of pilgrimage shall be covered by the government for the senior citizens.
  • To make the implementation process more effective the government will also offer the benefit to over 77,000 senior citizens every year who will be selected by the lucky draw system.
  • One extra member of age 18 years of above, can also take the benefit of the scheme by accompany the senior citizen for the tour. The cost for travel of the family member will be paid by the government.
  • The benefit will be offered to the citizens who have not yet availed any benefit under this scheme before. The applicant will have to submit a self attested certificate.
  • The insurance coverage for Rs 2 lakh will be offered to each candidate along with coverage for accommodation, travel tickets and food.
  • Every year a selection of 1100 candidates from each constituency will be made by the officials.
  • The candidates can make the selection from five different pilgrimage plans and details can be collected over the online web portal services of the state government.

Application process (Registration)

To apply under the scheme the applicant can collect the print outs of the form from official website and submit it at nearby MLA/ Tirth Yatra Samithi office or at the D.O. Office.

Places under the scheme

Under the scheme the government has also announced that the selected candidates will get an opportunity to visit Haridwar, Rishikesh, Vrindavan, Mathura, Kedarnath and Badrinath pilgrimage places.

Implementation Process

  • The entire process for implementation will be handled and supervised by the State government itself for the senior citizens.
  • A notification for preparing and selecting eligible senior citizens from respective jurisdictions has also been sent to the respective MP of each jurisdiction.
  • Within each selected jurisdiction, the respective MP will be responsible for preparing and submitting the list of eligible candidates.
  • Once the list has been prepared the process of screen of candidates will be done and eligible candidates will be notified for their selection status before Makar Sankranti.

The government of Delhi has taken a big step after the state government of Rajasthan and UP have also provided with similar opportunity for senior citizens within their states. With this opportunity the government aims at providing opportunity to people who are not able to fund themselves for visiting these places of pilgrimage on financial accounts.

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