Dastak Abhiyan Madhya Pradesh (nhmmp.gov.in)

The state government of Madhya Pradesh has taken an initiative of launching the new Dastak Abhiyan within the entire state for monitoring the Infant Mortality ate that takes place for infants below 5 years of age. Under this new initiative the state government aims at improvising better and informative health centric care for infants. The state government will also ensure that each child within the state will be properly screened for his or her health.

Dastak Abhiyan Madhya Pradesh 2017

Important implementation dates and department name

  • According to the sources in the government sector, the entire process of implementation will begin statewide starting from 15th June 2017.
  • The process of immunization for each child will also be undertaken by the state government in over 168 different state blocks.
  • The process of implementation will be under taken by major health care services within the state that are working at the government level including Aaganwadi centers, Asha centers, health care workers and village panchyat committees.

Dastak Tool Features

  • To ensure the smooth implementation of the initiative the state government has also developed a monitoring tool termed as the Dastak Tool.
  • The new developed tool is helpful in collecting and monitoring all data within the real time along with the complete details and name of the child.
  • To make it more effective the tool also makes use of the data collected by SAMAGRA program. The online tool also provides with an option so all data can also be fed into the system manually.
  • The tool maintains a complete database of children suffering from severe condition of Anemia and pneumonia along with malnourishment problems.
  • Once the data is collected and scrutinized by the tool the parents of the child are contacted by the health experts and counseling is provided to them related to proper health care of the child.
  • For better implementation the state government officials and senior health care experts from NRCs are monitoring the data collected on daily basis.

Services provided under Dastak Abhiyan

The Dastak Abhiyan is one initiative that focuses on the concept of locating and identifying the active critical case study. Once identified then the benefits are provided to the child at the door step by professional healthcare service centers.

  • Under the abhiyan the state government shall cover services related to Malaria and childhood diarrhea in the month of July while the services for Pneumonia will be covered by the state government in the month of December on yearly basis.
  • Under this service the state government will also provide with major food supplements to the child including supplement for Vitamin A.
  • The Initiative has been taken by the state government for locating any registered case till date under the SAM and then transferring the case for active follow up with the NRCs.
  • The committee will also work in coordination with other health care services for studying and curing children suffering from severe anemia conditions within the state.
  • Under this program the state government will also run a number of programs and initiatives for controlling Pneumonia condition prevalent during early childhood.
  • It will make the community aware of methods to follow for treatment of these conditions along with preventive measures.
  • The state government will also spread awareness related to regulating iodine adequacy conditions and preventive measures amongst the family members.


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