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One of the utmost important responsibilities of any state government is to provide adequate medical facilities for the residents. But huge population and lack of infrastructure often hinders this task. With time, the cost of attaining medical treatment has only gone up. It may be easy for rich to tolerate this cost, but poor people find it very difficult to arrange necessary funds to meet medical expenses. So, it is the responsibility of state government to design and implement such projects, which offer respite to such poor people. In this respect, Manipur government has launched the Chief Minister-gi Hakshelgi Tengbang scheme. It will offer cashless treatment facility for poor, widows and handicap individuals at enlisted hospitals.

Hakshelgi Tengbang (Manipur Health Protection Scheme)

Name of the schemeChief Minister-gi Hakshelgi Tengbang
Launched inManipur
Launched byNongthombam Biren Singh
Date of announcementDecember 2017
Tentative date of implementationJanuary 2018
Supervised byHealth and Family Welfare Minister
Minister In-chargeL Jayantakumar Singh
Target beneficiariesPoor and backward residents of Manipur

Key features

  1. Developing overall medical facility – Manipur government desires to create a sound system that will offer necessary medical facilities to all. With the implementation of this scheme, it will also bring about development in government as well as private treatment centers.
  2. Offering financial assistance for people – The scheme has been implemented to offer financial assistance to poor and backward people of this state. Instead of paying the money to these individuals, state government will deposit the treatment amount directly into the hospital’s account.
  3. Treatment in empanelled medical centers – Beneficiaries will be allowed to attain treatment free of cost, if they take admission in any hospital that is a part of this scheme. Non-listed medical centers will not offer this cashless facility.
  4. Number of treatment facilities covered – A total of seven categories of treatment have been mentioned in scheme draft.
  5. Total insurance amount offered – Earlier it was mentioned that state will allocate 2 lakhs for each family that enrolls under this project. But recently, Manipur authority has increased the insurance coverage sum to 5 lakhs for every family.
  6. CMHT card distributed – The state government has succeeded in enrolling and issuing 79,000 CMHT card. Patients have to show this card at all empanelled hospitals to get cashless treatment.
  7. Expense for the beneficiary – All registered insurance policy holders will not have to worry about the payment of any insurance premium. It will be the responsibility of state authority to pay this amount for them. Beneficiaries will have to deposit Rs. 50 for the CMHT card. In case the person has any physical disability or is a widow or has AAY card, the n state will pay this sum as well.
  8. Travel allowances within state – People need money to transfer patient from remote areas to cities for attaining necessary treatment. To reduce this burden, Manipur authority will offer Rs. 300 on a daily basis to patient party to pay for transport fare, in case the sick person is getting medical care within Manipur. This travel allowance will be given for 10 days. No family will receive more than Rs. 3000 on an annual basis.
  9. Travel allowances to go to another state – In case empanelled hospitals refer the patients to other states for better treatment, beneficiaries will receive Rs. 1000 each day to take care of traveling expenses. No family will receive more than Rs 10,000 during one financial year.

Eligibility for application

  1. Must be resident of Manipur – As Manipur authority has designed, developed and implemented this project, and is meeting all financial requirements, thus it is obvious that only legal and permanent residents of this state will get the aids.
  2. For widows – All women who don’t have any income and have lost their husbands as well will be allowed to become beneficiaries of this cashless treatment facility.
  3. For AAY category – If any resident has the AAY card, then he/she will also be able to become a part of this project, along with other members of the family.
  4. For physically challenged – All individuals who have some form of physical deformity or are handicap will also be allowed to get the benefits of this cashless treatment scheme.
  5. For poor candidates – All such individuals or families whose names are highlighted in the Socio-Economic Census report or have very low income will be included under this scheme directly.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential proof – As only residents of Manipur will be allowed to get the benefits of this health insurance scheme, all applicants must have a residential proof that highlights that they are permanent residents of this region.
  2. Aadhar card – As announced by central government, applicants must produce their Aadhar Card to attain the benefits of any central or state sponsored scheme. Thus, eligible candidates have to bring their original Aadhar card during enrollment.
  3. Disability certificate – As disabled candidates will also be allowed to get cashless treatment, such applicants must produce their original disability certificate.
  4. Death certificate of husband – In case a widow is applying for this project, she must bring the death certificate of her husband. She has to produce another legal document that contains the late husband’s and her name together.
  5. AAY card – All candidates who are applying under AAY category will have to furnish the original AAY certificate during the time of enrollment.
  6. Birth certificate or death certificate – If a beneficiary is interested in adding a new name under the scheme, due to marriage or birth of a child, he/she has to produce marriage certificate or birth certificate. In case of demise, the death certificate is necessary during deleting a name.

How to get the application form?

There will not be any online application. Most poor candidates live in rural areas, where they don’t have adequate online facilities. In such condition, it will be difficult for them to register via a portal. Beneficiaries have to get come to the health care centers with their documents. The rest of the enrollment procedure will be conducted by respective officers. They will take down details from applicants and upload these in the software directly.

How to apply for the scheme?

  1. Asha workers or coordinators in each area will receive proper training from the experts of ISA. These coordinators will have the responsibility to spread the new about the commencement of enrollment process.
  2. All Asha coordinators will receive the brochure of this insurance scheme and candidates’ lists that can attain the benefits from IAS officers.
  3. Asha coordinators will have to visit each village and hold talks with respective beneficiaries. These candidates must be called to the Primary Health Care center that is located in this area. Enrollment will be carried out in these centers.
  4. During the coordinators’ first meeting with the beneficiaries, they will explain all features and perks of this scheme. They will also guide the candidates to bring necessary documents on the enrollment day.
  5. When the interested applicants reach the health care centers, they need to get to the Kiosk Operator. This health officer will check the documents and verify them accordingly.
  6. After uploading the applicant details in the software, the operator will take Rs. 50 from the candidates.
  7. Once this payment has been made, he/she will hand-over the CMHT- Manipur Health Card. If the applicant is either disabled, widow or has AAY card, then no money will be taken from this person.
  8. Then this operator will again explain the rules of this scheme and how the applicant can receive the benefits.
  9. Each Asha workers or coordinator will receive Rs. 10 from the state government as an incentive for the total number of families that he/she sent for enrollment.
  10. Beneficiaries will also be able to add (in case of marriage or birth) or delete (in case of death) names of family members during or after enrollment. Proper documents must be furnished to support these claims.

Diseases covered under the scheme [Treatment List]

  1. Treatment of cardio-vascular ailments
  2. Necessary treatment for kidney related diseases
  3. neurological conditions
  4. All kinds of liver ailments
  5. Providing proper care and medicine for cancer patients
  6. Handling neo-natal diseases
  7. Offering proper medical care to burn victims

Attaining additional information

Apart from the details mentioned here, interested applicants must know about the other aspects of application and selection process. A quick look at the responsibility of different authoritative figure will assist in easy application. To get these details, applicant can check out the FAQ section of this scheme. 

Contact details and helpline number

All interested state residents can log on to the official link of this scheme and get necessary details. To reach the authorized site of this health insurance scheme, applicants must click on the link http://cmhtmanipur.gov.in/. One can also call on the toll free number 1800 103 2015 and clear their doubts. This toll free number remains active 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Customer care executives will help the applicants in every possible manner. The address of the head office is:

231 Directorate of Health Services

Opposite RIMS Gate, Lamphelpat

Rims Road, Imphal

Manipur – 795 004

The state government has decided to take necessary steps to develop the medical sector in this region. Apart from health care insurance for the poor, CM also donated 10 super specialty ambulances, which will come in handy to transport serious patients from remote areas to respective hospitals. The success of these steps and scheme will ensure betterment of the poor people of Manipur.

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