Power Scheme In Uttar Pradesh (Free Electricity For BPL) 

 BJP government in Uttar Pradesh has started a new Power Scheme in the state. In this scheme the state government will provide 100% electricity to all the households belonging to poor category across the state of Uttar Pradesh. Lohban and Gausana are the two villages in the district of Mathura where electricity connection has been started on the launching day to inaugurate the scheme.

Power Scheme In Uttar Pradesh (Free Electricity For BPL)

Launch Details

Power Scheme – Features

  • Need for the scheme: The scheme is a part of Prime Minister’s Saubhagya Scheme under which 4 Cr houses will be given electricity connection by the central government. Yogi Adityanath, CM of UP has started a power scheme namely Prakash Hai Toh VIkas. This scheme will also be a part of this umbrella scheme.
  • Tariff: Earlier the households had to pay Rs. 10, 000/- for the power connection installation. Now after the scheme households will have to pay Rs. 550/- to get electricity connection at home.
  • Instalments: The scheme allows households to pay via easy instalments. According to the CM, only Rs. 50/- must be paid by the household at the time of connection installation as down payment. The rest Rs. 500/- can be paid via easy instalments in 10 months.
  • Target Achievements: Under the Prakash Hai Toh Vikas Hai Scheme the target was covering 16 million houses by the end of the year 2018. As of now total of 25 Lac houses are being covered. With launching this scheme more houses will be covered within few months, as per the reports.
  • Kisan Uday Yojana: The state has also started a new power scheme for the farmers. Under this the farmers will be able to save power consumption largely. Under this scheme 5HP/7.5HP power connection will be replaced by the state authority without any charges.

Eligibility Criteria

The scheme is for the poor people who are living under the poverty line. They must be BPL card holders and their yearly income must not exceed Rs. 35,000/-.

According to the CM Adityanath, within 2022, the farmers and the poor people will get power connection. To provide a better standard of life to the people under the poverty line, the UP state government is keen to take any initiative and this scheme is one of them. The scheme has already started in Mathura District. The rest areas will be covered soon.


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