Prochesta Scheme for Labors and Daily Wage Earners in West Bengal

The Corona virus is wreaking havoc in around 200 countries. The virus has entered its third stage in India as well. The central and state governments have implemented complete lockdown to prevent community spreading. If this happens in a populous country like India, then things will go out of hand. However, the lockdown has taken its toll on the financial sectors. But the poor people will be affected most during this lockdown. To offer respite to financially unsound commoners, the West Bengal government has implemented the Prochesta Scheme. Under this scheme, the beneficiaries will attain financial assistance from the state government. If you want to gather more details about the new scheme, then read this article.

Prochesta Scheme West Bengal

Name of the schemeProchesta Scheme
Launched inWest Bengal
Launched byMamata Banerjee
Date of announcement24th March 2020
Date of implementationSoon
Target beneficiariesDaily wage earners and labors
Supervised byGovernment of West Bengal


Key features of the scheme

  1. Financial security for the needy – The launch of this new scheme will help the state government to ensure financial security to the needy people of the region.
  2. Monetary grant – The Chief Minister of West Bengal has announced that the beneficiaries of this project will attain Rs. 1000 from the state coffers.
  3. Scheme tenure – The scheme will be continued by the West Bengal government until the coronavirus spread is contained, and things get back to normal.
  4. Payment frequency – The financial assistance will be given to the needy beneficiaries on a monthly basis.
  5. Assisting members of unorganized sector – The scheme will be implemented to ensure that the people, associated with the unorganized sector, have financial security to purchase the necessary things, required for sustenance.

Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residents of the state – The applicant must be an inhabitant of this state to avail the scheme benefits.
  2. Unorganized sector labors – The labors, associated with the unorganized sectors will also receive the perks of this scheme.
  3. Daily wage earners – The scheme will provide the financial assistance to such people who earn their wages on a daily basis.
  4. BPL applicants – The scheme will primarily focus on those individuals who belong to the BPL and EWS categories.

Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – The interested candidates must present an official document that supports his/her residential claims.
  2. ID proof – A copy of the candidate’s Aadhar Card is also necessary during the application process.
  3. Proper registration certificate – Those who are registered with the unorganized sector, must submit their certificates, issued by the respective association.
  4. BPL certificate – The applicants must provide their BPL and/or EWS certificated to receive the financial assistance.

How to register for the scheme?

The Chief Minister of West Bengal has launched the project recently. During the official press conference, held at Nabanna, she mentioned the features of this scheme. She also highlighted that the interested and eligible applicants will have to enroll within 15th to 30th April 2020. The state government has not yet decided the final registration process. It is expected that the details, related to the application process will be released soon. If you want to get the updates on this project, then check out our official portal.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal has assured the common people that the state authority will support them in every possible manner. The entire country is going through a tough phases. Apart from this scheme, the state government has also extended the lockdown period. The measure will help in curbing the spread of COVID – 19 in West Bengal.

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