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Assam state government, to strengthen the agricultural sector in the state, has started Tractor Distribution Scheme in the state of Assam. Under this scheme the farmers will be able to get tractor in subsided price from the state government. This will be a part of Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana. This scheme has goal of doubling the income of the farmers along with development of the agricultural sector in the state by the year 2022.

Launch Details

The Chief Minister of Assam, Sarbananda Sonowal has launched this scheme on 10th December 2017 in Guwahati. On this occasion CM Sonowal has distributed few keys and inaugurated the scheme. The event was organised by the Assam State Agricultural Department in the Sarusajai Stadium, Guwahati, Assam.

Key Features

  • Need of scheme: The need for the scheme is to encourage each farmer’s capabilities and also building community assets in the state agricultural sector.
  • Goal: The main goal of launching the largest tractor scheme in the state is to support development of agricultural sector. Also the scheme will intend to increase the income of the farmers of the state.
  • Tractor distribution: Under the scheme each village will get a tractor at lower price than market rate. The government will provide subsidy on the price of the tractor.
  • Number of tractors: While handing over keys to few beneficiaries during the event, the CM said around 10, 109 tractors will be distributed among the farmers in the first phase. Total 26,000 villages will be covered under this scheme. It will be implemented in phases.
  • Supervising: There will be several units, established by the State agricultural Department. The work process of the farmers with tractors must be updated by the beneficiaries in 3 months’ interval. The authority will monitor/supervise the implementation of the scheme through these units.

Subsidy Details

Under this scheme the total cost of the tractors will be divided into three parts, 70%, 20% and 10%. Among these parts 70% of the total cost of tractor will be carried by the state government, 20% of the total cost will be paid by the Commercial Banks. Finally the last 10% cost must be given by the beneficiaries.


  • Farmers from the revenue village will be eligible for the scheme. Each revenue village will get one tractor at a time. Also the farmers will have to be the domicile of Assam.
  • On the other the government has stated that KCC loan and other loans will be interest free, as the state government will wipe off the interest. Those farmers, who will return KCC loan on time or before time, will get benefitted with other schemes as well.


The state government has allocated Rs. 1000 Cr for the entire project. It will be a phase based project and first phase of the project has already been started. The quoted amount is allocated for all the phases under the scheme.

While launching the scheme CM has said that the tractors will be distributed with the help of common people’s money. It is important for the farmers to understand that and utilise the tractor to the fullest. Also he has stated that Rs. 150 Cr will be allocated in the KCC loan interest waiving scheme. Interest will be waived off up to Rs. 3 Lac loan amount.

As said that those who will repay the KCC loan before time or on time will get Rs. 3000/- as incentive amount. For this the state government has allocated Rs. 300 Cr. To promote multi cropping and other agricultural progress the scheme has been launched by the CM of Assam. Besides all these, Rs. 2500/- will be deposited to the bank account of tea workers in the state. To boost them up these series of schemes have launched.



Assam government had launched Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana or CMSGUY . On 14th July, 2018, some of the selected beneficiaries were offered their own tractors, as was promised by Assam state authority. Six beneficiaries were offered the keys of their tractors by Hills Area Development Minister, Sum Ronghang at Morigaon Bihutoli area. With further expansion of this unique scheme, CM of Assam will be able to assist farmers of the state to reap better crops. It will increase the agricultural production and uplift overall process of village economy. State authority offered a whopping 70% subsidy on these tractors. Another 629 tractors will be distributed before 15th August 2018.

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