Saptapadi Vivah Yojana in Karnataka 2020 (Mass Marriage Scheme) [Application Form, Amount, Eligibility, List, Last Date, Marriage Date]

Weddings are lavish ceremonies. The parents of both brides and grooms are under the pressure to impress family members and friends. Arranging the necessary funds for organizing the marriage forces them to take loans. It paves the path for financial issues in the future. The Karnataka government has come up with an ingenious plan to eliminate the massive wedding expenses. It has implemented the Saptapadi Vivah Yojana. The scheme details highlight that it is a mass marriage project, and the event will be held at reputed temples. Apart from this, the scheme will offer financial and gold gifts to the couple. In this article, you will learn about the important aspects of this project.

Saptapadi Vivah Karnataka Mass Marriage Scheme

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeSaptapadi Vivah Yojana
Launched inKarnataka
Launched byBS Yediyurappa
Date of announcement2019
Date of implementationJanuary 2020
Target beneficiariesBrides and grooms
Application processOffline procedure
Supervised byGovernment of Karnataka
Marriage date 26 April and 24 May 
Total Financial Amount 55,000 Rs to each couple

Key features of the scheme

  1. Assisting in marriages – The primary objective of this welfare scheme is to lessen the financial burden from the shoulders of the parents. The mass marriage ceremonies will save time and financial resources.
  2. Mass marriage scheme – The applicants of this scheme will take part in mass marriage ceremony. Many couples will get married at the same time, in the temples.
  3. Marriage at selected temples – It has been clearly mentioned that the mass marriages will be scheduled at the listed temples only.
  4. Scheme monitored by Muzrai department – The entire operation and tracking of the project activities will be done by the high-placed individuals of the Muzrai department.
  5. Number of selected temples – The scheme highlights that the state government has made a list of around 100 reputed temples in the state. These temples are considered highly sacred and have the financial resources to conduct these mass marriages.
  6. Number of marriages – The state government has set out with an aim of organizing the marriage of 1000 couples every year.
  7. Financial assistance for the couple – A financial grant will be given to the bride and the groom to start their new married life. The bride will receive a sum of Rs. 10,000, while the groom will be given a monetary gift of Rs. 5000.
  8. Gold ornament for the bride – The mangalsutra is the mark of a married woman. The temple authority also announced that every bride will be given a golden mangalsutra that weighs 8 grams.
  9. Allocated budget for each couple – It has been mentioned in the scheme that the expenditure for the mass marriage will be sponsored by the respective temples. The temple authority has decided that it will spend a total of Rs. 55,000 on every couple.
  10. Application deadline – If any couple is interested in registering for the scheme, they need to submit their applications before a span of 30 days. It will give the temple authority adequate time to take the necessary preparations.

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Eligibility for the applicants

  1. Residents of the state – The scheme will be sponsored by Karnataka government. So, only permanent and legal inhabitants of this state will receive the benefits of this scheme.
  2. Age requirement – The age of the bride must be 18 years or above. The age of the groom must be 21 years or above. Failure to meet this criterion will pave the path for the cancellation of the registration.
  3. Permission of the parents – The scheme highlights that it is mandatory for the parents of the bride and the groom be present during the wedding ceremony, in the temples. In case the parents cannot come, they need to offer a written consent for this wedding.
  4. Love marriage is not included in the scheme – If the couple has eloped or want to conduct a love marriage, without the permission of their parents, then those couples will not become the beneficiaries of this scheme.
  5. Hindu weddings – As the marriage will be conducted in the temples as per the Hindu ritual, those couples, belonging to the Hindu religion will be able to reap the perks of this impressive scheme.

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Documents necessary for application

  1. Residential documents – To acquire the perks of this mass marriage scheme, the bride and the groom will have to submit copies of their legal residential documents during registration.
  2. Aadhar card – It is mandatory for the applicants to submit photocopies of the Aadhar Cards of the groom and the bride.
  3. Age certificate – If the applicants fail to produce proper age proof certificates, then they will not be able to take part in this mass marriage scheme.
  4. Permission letter from parents – A permission letter or “no objection certificate” from the applicants’ parents must be submitted in case the guardians cannot come to the temple on the scheduled date.
  5. Religion certificate – The bride and the groom must submit copies of their religion certificate as well.

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How to attain application form and register?

  1. Offline application – The Chief Minister of the state has highlighted that interested applicants need to opt for the offline enrollment process for attaining the perks of this scheme.
  2. Registration at the temples – If any applicant is interested to become a part of this project, then he/she must go to the listed temple, near the residents. The temple authority will offer an enrollment form.
  3. Form fill-up – The applicant needs to fill in the details of the bride and the groom. Attaching photographs of the couple is also necessary.
  4. Documents for verification – Once the application form has been filled in with correct data, the applicant must attach the photocopies of the documents, which have been mentioned in the scheme guidelines. These papers will be used for the verification purpose.
  5. Form submission – Once the above steps have been completed, the applicant can submit the form at the same temples office. The list of the selected applicants will be released before the scheduled date.

The scheme is an impressive initiate that the state government has taken. The implementation of the scheme will assist brides and grooms, who belong to needy families. The gifts that the state government will offer are tokens of good wishes and blessings. The scheme will assist the applicants to start their new lives on a high note. The state Chief Minister has also made it clear that the authority may make necessary changes in the scheme guidelines in the near future to ensure that more eligible candidates can acquire the perks.

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