Rajasthan Swasthya Mitra Job Vacancy 2020 (Age, Qulaification, Health Mission, Check Salary, Duties & Selection Process for Health Mitras, Eligibility)

Medical facilities are necessary for the wellbeing of the patients. The state government run hospitals offer affordable treatment for the people who belong to financially weak categories. The Rajasthan state government had implemented a new health scheme for such individuals. However, the main focus of the project was to ensure that the people living in the villages get proper treatment. For successful implementation of the scheme, the state government will need the assistance of local medical volunteers. In this line, the Rajasthan government has announced the recruitment of Swasthya Mitra under this scheme.

Rajasthan Swasthaya Mitra Job Vacancy in Hindi

Launch details of the scheme

Name of the schemeAffordable Health Mission
Launched inRajasthan
Launched byAshok Gehlot
Date of announcement2019
Date of implementation2019 – 2020
Target beneficiariesVillagers in Rajasthan
Recruitment ofSwasthya Mitra
Supervised byRajasthan Health Department

Key features of the scheme

  1. Development of medical sector – The primary objective of the state government is to ensure that the people, living in the rural areas get adequate information about affordable treatment from the Swasthya Mitras.
  2. Easy access to treatment information – The Swasthya Mitras will keep track of the health conditions of the villagers. They will assist the patients by providing treatment related information and sending them to the nearest health check-up center.
  3. Number of Swasthya Mitras – It has been highlighted that the state government will recruit as many as 80,000 Swasthya Mitras under the project.
  4. Selection of local volunteers – The selection of the volunteers is key for the success of the project. The volunteers must be residents of the particular rural area.
  5. Gender of the volunteers – Two Swasthya Mitras will be selected from every village. One male and one female Swasthya Mitra will assist the villagers to get the proper treatment.
  6. Number of villages to be covered – As per the government announcement, the project will be started in all the 40,000 villages, located within the state borders.
  7. Other medical health professionals – Apart from the recruitment of the Swasthya Mitras, the Chief Minister has highlighted that ANM professionals and Anganwadi workers will also be used for successful implementation of the scheme.
  8. Free training – The selected members will be sent to special training camps. No money will be charged from the Swasthya Mitras. Once the training is complete, they will be deployed in the village to ensure that villagers remain free from diseases, with proper treatment-related details.
  9. Reducing mortality rate – With the assistance of the Swasthya Mitras and the health welfare schemes, the Rajasthan government will be able to lower the mortality rate of the infants and adults in the villages.

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Responsibilities of Swasthya Mitras

  1. Disease identification – The Swasthya Mitras will acquire special training. They will be taught to identify the symptoms of the patients. It will assist in easy detection of the ailment.
  2. Offer guidance to patients – Once the disease detection is complete, the Swasthya Mitras will be able to provide information about the department where the patient will get adequate treatment for complete cure.
  3. Checking BPL – The Swasthya Mitras will also get special equipment to check the blood pressure of the villagers at their homes.
  4. Healthy suggestions – It will be the responsibility of the Swasthya Mitras to highlight the necessary lifestyle alterations, which will pave the path for the villagers’ better health. The volunteers will also suggest healthy nutritional food choices.
  5. Controlling blood sugar – The Swasthya Mitras will also test the patients’ blood sugar levels with modern equipment. They will also suggest the things that the patient should and should not eat.
  6. Injections – If the patient requires any injections or vaccination, it will be administered by the Swasthya Mitras. They will also be trained in setting up the IV lines.
  7. Wound management – The Swasthya Mitras will also have to dress the wounds of the patients and eliminate the chances of infections. If any person needs stitches, the Swasthya Mitras can come to their aid.
  8. Physiotherapy – The Swasthya Mitras will also get the necessary training that will enable them to provide correct physiotherapy to the patients.

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How will the Swasthya Mitras be selected?

  1. The government officials will gather information about the villagers who have completed their 12th The applicants must not be employed under the state of central government.
  2. Applicants, hailing from financially weak background will be selected for becoming Swasthya Mitras.
  3. The selected candidates will have to sit for a Psychometric Assessment test. It will highlight their personal traits and whether they have an inclination towards serving others. The candidates, who pass the test, will be considered for the next round.
  4. The government officials will conduct face to face personal interview with the selected applicants. If they feel that the applicant is suitable for the job, they will approve the application.

The state government officials have stated that the recruitment process will be started as soon as possible. The Chief Minister wants to offer proper opportunities to the villagers to attain affordable treatment. Easy access to the Swasthya Mitras will make information dissemination easy.

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