Free Health Checkup Scheme in Punjab State

One of the major threats to any country is the diseases that take lives of the people immediately or eventually. So it is best to prevent them rather than struggling to cure them. Keeping this factor in mind the Punjab government has announced the launch of a Free Health Checkup scheme for all the people of the State who are above the age of 30. This scheme will be implemented soon in Punjab.

Under the leadership of Chief Minister, Mr. Parkash Singh Badal the Punjab government has launched this puclic welfare scheme that enables the people of Punjab to undergo an annual free checkup facility in the state.

Free Health Checkup Scheme in Punjab State

Features of the scheme

  • As a part of this Free Health Checkup scheme all the residents of Punjab who are of or more than the age of 30 will provided with a complete medical checkup procedure. In this process they will be tested for diseases like kidney problems, anemia, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, etc.
  • The main objective here to detect any symptoms of such health condition before they occur in a person so that it can be prevents with proper measures and controlled to the best possible extent.
  • The Punjab government is of the belief of the health experts that say that most of the diseases occur after the age of 30 and it is best to prevent or control them that their very initial stage. And this can happen only by going through regular checkups. So the Punjab government has taken the initiative of conducting free health checkups for the people of the state.
  • The free health checkups will be conducted once in a year so that all the people can be checked and determined for any major health condition. Special camp will be set up to carry out the medical test for the residents of Punjab who are above the age of 30.

This scheme is surely a beneficial one and will prove to be quite useful for the people of Punjab. Most people are reluctant in going through such test due to the money that these procedures involve. But with the government of Punjab providing the checkup facilities for free people can now conveniently go an annual medical checkup and know about their health condition through this.

If the government of Punjab is able to implement this scheme in a proper way then a lot of diseases can be prevent and controlled and a lot of lives can be saved. Also by opting for this facility the people of Punjab can save a lot of money that would go on various treatments as they could take necessary measure to prevent diseases. A lot of disease can be cure or prevented from taking a toll on the body if they are detected on an early age. The free medical checkups will help a lot in preventing lot of hazardous diseases. These tests will also help in understanding the quality of life of the people as the way a person lives his or her life reflects on their health.

With the launch of this health care scheme, the state government of Punjab shows its interest on offering quality health care facilities for its state people.

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