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Visiting foreign countries and taking up a job there is not a new incident today in India. Thousands of people, every year, fly to foreign countries for commercial purposes. Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana is one of the insurance policies that protect the emigrant Indian employees who are being sent for jobs in Emigration Check Required countries in the world.

Launch Details

This insurance scheme has launched in India in the year 2003. The scheme was amended three times in the years 2006, 2008 and recently in 2017 respectively. Rules and regulation of the scheme was revised in the year 2017. The latest version of the scheme was in effect since the month of August in the year 2017.

Key features

  • Insurance: There are 5 sections of coverage that are given to the emigrants under this scheme. These sections are personal accident, transportation, and medical, employment contingency and finally legal expenses.
  • Eligibility: Indians who are applying for the emigration clearance and going outside the domestic territory for jobs will have to apply for this scheme. Any work category that is falling under the Emigration Act 1983 will be eligible for this scheme.
  • Validity: The tenure of the coverage is 2-3 years under this scheme. After that the emigrant worker can renew the coverage. It can be renewed till the service period of the employee.
  • Online registration for the insurance: Online application form for the scheme is available. Any insurance company that is listed under the scheme will have this application form. You can see the application form format by clicking on this link One has to fill up the form and submit it online along with mandatory documents.

Emigration Check Required Countries

There are 18 countries that fall under Emigration Check Required countries. These countries are Indonesia, Malaysia, Jordan, Libya, Kuwait, Thailand, Yemen, Lebanon, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan and Sultanate of Oman. Among them Yemen is currently banned for the emigrants.

Sections under this scheme

  • Personal Accidents: Under this section, emigrants who will meet an accident will get coverage of Rs. 10 Lac. If the accident leads to permanent disability of the person or death, then only the coverage will be given.
  • Transportation and airfare: In case of a deceased person, his/her body or the mortal remains must take back to India. The transportation cost and expenses of a person travelling by economy class with the body or last remains will be paid by the insurance company under this scheme. The money must be claimed within 90 days of the journey.
  • Hospitalisation Expenses: Under this section different amount are given for different medical problems. Up to Rs. 1 Lac has been given for the hospitalisation and procedure of the emigrant. Rs. 35, 000/- will be given to pregnant women for going through the surgery procedure. The amount recorded is for the normal deliveries and for the C-sections it will be Rs. 50,000/- coverage. In case of death or permanent disability of the emigrant, his/her spouse (aged not more than 60) and kids (aged not more than 21) will be eligible to get Rs. 50,000 coverage under this scheme.
  • Employment contingency: Under this section one way airfare in the economy class is being provided. If by chance the employer does not receive the employee, or if there is any termination of job agreement or change in any condition by the employer of the organisation, then this section will be applicable for the employee.
  • Legal Expenses: Finally the last section is about the legal issues. If there is any legal matter or problems with the emigrant, such as termination of job agreement or such, then up to Rs. 45, 000/- can be given to the emigrant as the legal expenses they are bearing.

The scheme will not be applicable in:

  • If the emigrant is travelling without doctor’s permission and having health issue, then the coverage will not be applicable here. The emigrant will have to make sure that they don’t have any health issue.
  • War, military activities or internal conflicts don’t fall under this scheme. They won’t get any coverage in case of any damage or death.
  • If there is any country/region where India has put a travel restriction and the emigrant goes to that place for jobs, then the emigrant worker will not be eligible for claiming any coverage.
  • Engaged in any criminal offense or illegal activities, emigrants will not be eligible for this coverage. They can’t claim any coverage for their companies.


Every Indian citizen who are applying for and obtaining emigration clearance due to taking up jobs in global market will have to opt for an insurance policy. This is a mandatory rule for every Indian. With this scheme Indian workers will be protected from any accident or such while working outside their home country.

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