Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SAG) – SABLA Yojana 2021Expansion Approved by Central And Rapid Reporting System (A web-based online monitoring)

The Central Government has announced the expansion of the SAG- Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SABLA) to additional districts within the country. Under the new expansion scheme the central government aims at covering more number of adolescent girls for health and nutritional services. According to the sources, the central government will now try and implement the same scheme in most districts of the country.

Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SAG) – SABLA Yojana Expansion Approved by Central And Rapid Reporting System A web-based online monitoring)

Coverage Details

  • The central government has already made it very clear that after the new expansion of the scheme the government will try and cover more districts by 30th November
  • In the initial stage the scheme was aimed at covering over 205 districts by the year 2010. With the later expansion in the fiscal year 2017-18 the central government aims at covering over 508 districts within the country.
  • By eh fiscal year 2018-19 the central government also aims at making the scheme universal by implementing it in all other districts remaining.
  • Along with the new implementation the central government also aims at covering KSY (Kishori Shakti Yojana) within the North Eastern Region of the country.

Beneficiary under the scheme

According to the latest updates the scheme will only offer benefit to the Girls who belong to the Adolescent age group and are between 11 to 14 years of their age.

Main objectives of the scheme

As this is a type of beneficiary scheme that is designed to help the girls monitor the nutritional and other health related issues at their adolescences so the main objectives of implementing the scheme are listed here below:-

  • To educate the adolescent girls so they can implement the habit of self development along with awareness for empowerment during this age. This will be done by educating them through the right channels.
  • Under the new scheme the central government will also try and provide the girls with right type of nutritional diet so they can maintain good health condition.
  • Apart from the above mentioned, the central government also aims at educating the girls related to maintaining self hygiene, good health and getting awareness related to other sexual and reproduction related issues (ARSH).
  • Under the new scheme the central government will also try and offer the girls with right type of education and awareness related to developing their skills via formal and informal system of education.
  • Under the scheme the girls will also be provided with all possible information related to general public services including police, banking, post office and health care services.
  • To ensure that the scheme is implemented effectively the central government will seek the assistance of Aanganwadi workers at the district levels to cover all districts and deliver the scheme’s objectives.

Funds allocated under SAG scheme

For effective implementation the central government has set a budget of Rs 61021.36 lakhs for 2014-15. For implementation in 2017-18 the central government has allocated the fund of Rs 33359.64 lakh.

Update On 26 Jan 2018

Rapid Reporting System (A web-based online monitoring)

The central government of India has launched a new online portal under the Scheme for Adolescence Girls. Under this scheme adolescence girls will get nutritional benefit. Apart from that, girls who are school drop-outs will also get benefitted from the scheme.

Launch Details

The Department of Women and Child Department has launched the system. It will be implemented on the basis of phases. Rakesh Srivastava, the Secretary of WCD has officially started the first phase of the system on 24th January 2018.

Highlights Of Rapid Reporting System

  • System: The system will be an online way to supervise implementation of schemes. Mainly it will monitor health issues and nutritional activities of the girls who are in adolescence period.
  • Nutritional Support: Indian government has already given approval for a scheme namely Scheme for Adolescence Girls aka SAG. Under this scheme, girls will get financial assistance for their nutrition.
  • SAG: The scheme was launched in the year 2017 during the month of November. Under this scheme girls aged between 11 years and 14 years are getting financial help. Each girl receives Rs. 9.50/- per day for their nutritional food. It will last for 300 days for each beneficiary.
  • School drop-outs: There are benefits for school drop-outs as well under this system. Under this scheme the authority will motivate the students who left school or dropped out for any reason. They make sure to get them back in school.

Under the scheme, under non-nutritional component, the authority will provide skill based training to the girls who aren’t going to school.

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